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    ISO Used but roadworthy J/24 Trailer

    Looking for a J/24 trailer somewhere in the Southeast. PM with any leads. Mays Dickey USA 1909
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    USA 1909 For Sale - Columbia, SC $6000 OBO

    USA 1909 Yellowtail is For Sale. 1979 TSP boat located in Columbia, SC at CSC. Yellowtail is close to race ready. Modifications include: Bottom painted & faired 2011. Keel is close to perfect. Max forward w/in 3mm. James Howard faired & adjusted keel in 2011. The boat was measured in...
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    King's Day Regatta Nov. 23 Florida YC - Crew Available

    I'm looking to crew for this year's King's Day Regatta. It's always one of my favorite events, and after taking a few months away from sailing, I'm anxious to travel again. Any leads are appreciated. Please forward to skippers who may be looking for crew. For those who may not know me...
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    Equipment Wanted - Blocks, Rudder, Tacktick, etc.

    1909 is in upgrade mode & I'm in need of the following equipment that I don't want to pay retail for: Lopez Blocks Jib cars Tacktick Micro Ratchet Blocks (3 56mm, 2x spin, 1 jib haly'd) Rudder - (must be manufactured to min. thickness) Rudder Assembly Motor Mount Toerails Splashboard Topping...
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    Looking for Gently Used Blade

    No more than 4-5 regattas on it. dmaysdickey (at)