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    GEORGIA 1996 Olympic Laser, Red or Blue

    Looking to purchase a 1996 laser with Olympic branding (red or blue) in good condition. I'm located in Atlanta but would travel for a good condition hull.
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    Laser 194236 special edition for sale (w/brand new MKII sail)

    Immaculate Laser special edition sail number 194236. Sailed infrequently, only in fresh water and stored primarily in-doors since new. Pictures Here: Boat is stiff like new with no scratches on the hull (see...
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    Black Diamond Tiller Angle

    Hi all, I recently purchased a brand new acme black diamond tiller. When fully inserting the tiller into the rudder head the angle over the deck is too low. The forward part of the tiller does not clear the traveler cleat enough. What is the solution here? I don't want to try any modification...
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    Keeping the traveler down. Advice Needed!!!

    Hello all, I'm looking for some proven solution to keeping the traveler at the maximum leeward position. I have it set extremely tight (spectra) but in most conditions apart from full de-power mode with lots of vang on, it still rides up a few inches. I found the following article which had...
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    Keeping the daggerboard down

    I have recently bought a new laser. I have sailed in the past and never noticed the daggerboard raising (in all conditions) as much as it does currently. I'm using relitivly thick one strand bungie connected to the bow eye, traveling along one side of the mast. The bungie appears to sit in...
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    2009 Leiter Cup Laser (Blue/Grey)

    Looking for a Leiter cup edition in great condition. (Grey/Blue). Email at or call at 904-248-1975.
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    2009 laser 195660

    Interested, please call at 904-248-1975. Few questions.