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    All about to kick off....

    Not buying into any discussion just providing some information from Sail An interesting article:
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    Laser Hull Gloss

    I would go with the Rooster product as it is designed for marine use. The other one looks car oriented. A buffing tool is the ideal, however a pad on a drill still works OK. Here is a link to a post I did a while back:
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    Laser Hull Gloss

    You basically stopped a bit early. You need to work your way through a few more grades of paper yet: 800, 1200 and 2000. Sand diagonally on both sides of the centreline, alternating diagonals with each grade of paper. Dishwashing liquid in the water will help the paper to slip more easily. After...
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    i sails

    There is another player in the market in Australia - Redback Sails. From Brookvale in Sydney Australia. $220 for a sail with battens. Also comes with a nice big redback spider logo that can easily be seen.
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    New Practice Carbon Masts for Full Rig and Radial

    An interesting development... Read all about it here: Certainly saves a few kilos up where it counts.
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    Sailing by the Lee tell tale

    Interesting idea. Got me thinking... How about two on the sail sleve, either side of the mast, maybe 0.5m up from boom? I'm thinking that when by-the-lee flow is achieved they shoul flow in parrallel out in front of the mast. will try all three next weekend. Should be interesting.
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    how to make an old laser hull shine again

    I posted a while ago on how I got my 1985 laser hull nice and shiny. It still gets lots of comments about how good it looks from other Laser sailors. Here is the link (hope it works) The final stage I used 3m Finesse it polish with...
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    Any More News on the New Radial Cut Standard Sail

    The Olympics are over and an Aussie won the Gold (Oi, Oi, Oi, Sorry had to get that one in). Is now the time to release the new Radial Cut standard sail? Has anyone heard any rumours or fact as to what the timeframe is? Will it's release go hand in hand with the Carbon fibre top sections...
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    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water

    I finally decided to fit a bike drink bottle holder. Found a good one that holds the bottle in place quite firmly. Also bought a squeese type bottle with a valve. Put it on the Port side of the read toe strap fitting. I feel this is better than a shock cord arrangement as you don't have to...
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    I have used 3m Finesse IT II Glaze. Brilliant to restore a slightly oxidised hull or as a final cutting polish...
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    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water

    That's the simplest and most accessable option so far. Thanks
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    Hmm.... Wonder how long a hull would last.... Also didn't see him raise the spinnaker. Still...Would scream along in a blow. Probably plane to windward easily.
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    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water

    Thanks AlanD. Not that I usually attend laser events but would it be legal to attach a bike bottle holder to the back of the cockpit?
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    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water

    All, I'll preface this question with a warning story of what can happen if you don't do the right thing by your body! I recently ended up in Emergency with disorientation and memory loss. I had done a lot that day, a bike ride plus 5 short couse races. I did not have much to eat and very...
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    Keeping Water off Sunnies/Glasses

    I take mine off I don't see anything! BTW am trying a snow skiing product for ski goggles called Fog Off! Seems to be OK so far.