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    Wanted: Wanted older C 14.2

    KY man needs a boat Thanks for the info. I had been talking to a guy West of Philadelphia, over in NJ, about his 14.2. I looked a bunch of pics, talked about price and meeting halfway to make the exchange. But, over the weekend, someone finally replied to my local craigslist ad. I'm looking at...
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    Wanted: Wanted older C 14.2

    KY man needs 14.2 Thanks for the info. Do you have any pics you can send? Mark
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    Wanted:  Wanted older C 14.2

    Hello. I'm wanting to buy an older C14.2 with sails and trailer. Older because I would like to spend 2000 or less. I'm in the Greater Cincinnati area. So, I could look for the right boat in KY, OH, IN, and TN. Thanks. Mark