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    1974 Sunfish near Hartford CT $900

    Here is a link to my Craigslist ad. (the hyperlink button doesn't seem to work so your going to have to copy and paste) Good boat at a decent price!
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    Someone buy this boat!

    This is not my boat, it's on Craigslist. The price has been dropped from $1000 I've been trying to get the guy to sell me the extra parts he has but he will only sell them with the fish. Someone buy this rig and sell/give me the daggerboard, extra sail ;)...
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    Sunfish Mast gooseneck and spars

    PM sent
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    Hello Everyone!

    So I'm sitting in my office doing some paper work and she come rolling and sits on my lap and tells me about her day. All of a sudden she stops mid-sentence and says to me "you bought a boat?" I'm like "what the hell?" She's like "there is a bill of sale on your desk genius." So long...
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    hello from Maryland

    Re: hello fron Maryland Take that snarky and put a little work into it... then sell if for all you can get yourself the sunfish you want!!! You can't beat free!!! Awesome score.
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    Hello Everyone!

    I'm saving the mid-life crisis for a possible REALLY stupid purchase :D Besides, i'm 32 and she's older than me so that would never fly... I took her out for a nice steak last night to break the news but we were having such a good time I didn't want to ruin it... I'm thinking i'll drop...
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    Sea Dogs: Who has one? or more than one!

    These are my guys... not sailers yet (only canoe so far) but that's all gonna change this year.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for the overwhelming flood of responses! :rolleyes: But to tell the truth, for $350 you are absolutely right. So I called the guy and told him I was gonna pick it up tomorrow. Good thing too, because since I left the deposit, he had two other offers for more than we agreed, but he...
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    $25 Sunfish-It's true! I'll Prove It!

    $139 for a new sale online eh? Care to share the link with a newbie?
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    Hello Everyone!

    I haven't sailed a sunfish since summer camp back in the 90's and while driving home from work on Saturday I passed one for sale on some dude's front lawn. I am seriously considering buying this thing and would appreciate any advice on things to look out for. 1. The most likely...