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    Capri 14.2 Standard Sail Size?

    Does anyone know what the standard "luff" length is on the Capri 14.2? My sail is not the original, although it has the C14 symbol on it. I don't think the mast is original either. The sheave at the mast head is oversized and not incorporated into the mast body as it would be on a standard...
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    My mast is completely foam filled. Haven't tested it yet but will post on it when I do.
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    Mod 1 cubby...

    Yeah, see thats what I was thinking. That door makes me a little nervous. I'm assuming you had to glue the weatherstripping on. If so, what did you use? Thanks for the feedback, Smitty
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    Mod 1 cubby...

    I have an 88 mod 1 with the infamous, unsealed, cubby door. I haven't capsized the boat yet but, it looks like when I do (and I will) it would fill the bow/hull with sea water in a hury! Has anyone here capsized or turtled a mod 1 and had the bow fill with water? If so, any advice? Or should...
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    Hull Drain Plug M.I.A!

    Thanks for all your help guys. I was able to find the part and the Capri has a new hull drain plug! The exact part pictured above infact. Big Mahalo's...
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    Hull Drain Plug M.I.A!

    Okay so, I just picked up a C 14.2 Hull #2136. I think it's a 1988 Mod 1? Did they make mod 1's in '88? Anyway, the boat is in great shape but, in my excitement I failed to notice that the hull drain plug was missing! I don't think they have these things just laying around gathering dust on...
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    Need some help...rigging

    Well it's my first time with a Capri 14.2 as well. What I used to get started on the rigging is the "free C14 Handbook" link above. Click on that link and go to page 16 I think. There you should find a sketch of the rigging. Hope this helps. Good luck!