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    Hull Repair on Mod 1.

    First you have to get rid of all the damaged fiberglass by cutting and grinding it away. Fiberglass is resin and glass fiber, so wear a protection so you do not breathe in bits of glass. Put a piece of string through some thin flexible backer board. Almost anything will work in a pinch...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    The engine should be able to pull it out, but here is another idea. Drop an anchor and a buoy (or float) in deeper water, really embed the anchor as much as possible. Then tie a pulley or carabiner near the buoy. Attach a line to the Capri, run it through the carabiner and then pull. It is...
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    Newbie Sail hoisting question

    Usually wrapping the main halyard around the cleat one turn on the base and then pulling (perpendicular) on the halyard like a bow and arrow will leverage it up the last bit. Also, you should make sure the main sheet is uncleated and the boom vang is loose.