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    ratchet block/cam cleat /swivel base diagram?

    Wow, blast from the past! Nice to respond to a thread that includes sage advice from Wayne... You know, after I went through this exercise, I discovered that I almost never cleat anyway, so it really wasn't necessary, but was fun working out the problem. If anything, I'd probably do what tag...
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    For Sale: 1993 Mod 2 for sale in Iowa

    I'm sorry, she's sold.
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    For sale: Boomkicker K0312

    I have a Boomkicker that I used with my C14.2 for sale. It supports the boom without use of a topping lift. You can have the boom supported without raising the mainsail, and by lifting the boom in light air, the Boomkicker opens the leech for better sail shape and more speed. Boomkickers are...
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    Family Sailing Schools in Texas

    I don't know if they're still giving lessons, but you might want to check with Alison at; There are also a number of other schools in Texas listed on that site. BTW, is this Tim? Jon T.
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    For Sale:  1993 Mod 2 for sale in Iowa

    Excellent shape (except for some superficial gel coat scratches from a hull vs. rocks incident). Sails are original but in very good condition. Includes Harken roller furling, Shorelandr trailer, new standing and running rigging, deck cover, flotation panel, more. $2,500
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    Traveler idea from a Rhodes 19

    I just looked up the specifications for the Rhodes 19 (see below). This is a way different boat than a C 14.2. Much heavier and I wonder if the person who came up with this traveller configuration has the keel version. That would make more sense. SPECIFICATIONS KEEL C/B...
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    Traveler idea from a Rhodes 19

    Wow, that's pretty impressive. But I don't think a traveller like this is necessary for a boat like ours. The idea behind a traveller is that by moving the mainsheet block leeward when close hauled in high air, you should be able to keep the boat from heeling too much without having to ease the...
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    Picture of Canvas Hatch Cover for Mod2

    I wonder if someone who's done the Mod 2 to Mod 3 conversion would sell you theirs (cheap)? I have to admit that I don't always use mine; the stuff that I put in the cuddy usually stays in place just with the shock cord that's there to hold the forward hiking straps up. Sometimes it's nice to...
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    Newby in an new (1990) 14.2

    Here are some observations I've made over the years about tacking that might help (by "observations" I mean errors I've made!). A common problem new sailors have when coming about is trying to initiate the tack without enough speed. Like jerinaldi mentioned, you need to have a bit of speed up...
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    Capri/Catalina 14 Mod 2

    I know some folks need the extra space for a trolling motor battery and such, but the amount of storage space in the Mod 2 seems adequate for the average sailor. There's plenty of space for a couple of fenders, a collapsable paddle, some extra line and a dry sack of sundries. Unless you really...
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    One man rigging time

    Hmmm... Not so sure I'd risk using a cork for the drain plug. Very bad thing if that were to come out on the water. Maybe others have done this successfully?
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    Bought a new (1991) Capri 14.2

    Beautiful C14! I like the sail colors. You can get the whole jib car set-up from Catalina Direct ( but they're $97 and more than you need. Might be able to find something that works for the fairleads from West Marine or some similar place.
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    One man rigging time

    Today I rigged the boat using the main halyard to stabilize the mast while I attached the forestay to the roller furler drum and had the main already attached to the boom (I flaked it and held it with ties rather than rolling it around the boom). It was ramp-ready in 10 minutes! Now, that's the...
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    One man rigging time

    Yup, about 20 minutes for me, too. I usually sail single-handed, so stepping the mast by myself is part of the deal. I don't find it that heavy or awkward (and I'm not all that buff!), but I do need to do something to stabilize it before attaching the forestay (like a lot of folks, I leave the...
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    Tiller tamer?

    No, I think you're exactly right. With the CB all the way down, I'd expect less leeward drift and better stability. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing something!