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    Sunfish for sale

    AMF Alcort Sunfish serial number 86362 (I think this is a 1962 model). New sail, good trailer (no title), new tires and a spare on the trailer. I've owned the boat a couple of years and sailed it 7-8 times. It looks to have been redone and is in great shape. No serious structural issues...
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    deck fasteners

    Can you tell me more about the inspection holes. I've heard that mentioned a couple of times in the forum. Exactly what is the process to do this and are there some specific access covers that you use? Do you have any pics of these inspection holes?
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    deck fasteners

    Excellent advice. I was wondering about the same things (what is the hardware attached to?). I was just about the make the mistake of removing both screws at the same time and potentially having nothing to re-attach to .
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    Sailing in Lower Keys

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about Bird Key, Saddlehill Key and Pelican Key (Lower Keys Florida). Are these open to the public? I was hoping to do some sailing in that area over the next few weeks and just thought about being to able to land on a beach and get some...
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    I just purchased one from That was the best price for a recreational sail that I found. I placed the order by phone and the sail arrived as promised three days later. The number is 888-724-5748. I'll have it out on the Gulf next week I hope.
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    Here is a link to the rigging guide if you need it...
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    Yes, 3/8 is correct for the mainsheet (3/8 x 25 feet). By the way, where in the US are you sailing?
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    Wanted - used sunfish and trailer

    I noticed a Sun Fish hull (the hardware etc may in storage there) at the boat rental store on Stock Island just before the bridge to Key West. I'm headed back there in a couple of weeks and will check it out for you. The boat looked to be in pretty good shape. Looking for someone...
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    Sunfish sailing near Key West

    Wow..that sounds scary. Actually, my sailing will take place just north of Garrison Bight not far north of the mooring bed there. This is a huge open space bordered on the south by an island owned by the US Navy that extends out a couple of miles. Its pretty windy on that side of the...
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    Sunfish sailing near Key West

    I'll be in Key West in a couple of weeks and plan to take you up on the offer Norman. Actually, I was there all of November but didn't have my sunfish with me, but noticed a lot of them sailing off Sigsbee Park where my motor home is. Just purchased a new sail and did some repairs to the...
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    New Sail

    Any good advice on the best place to purchase a new sail. I do only recreation sailing, no racing. I've seen internet prices from $139 to over $300. If you have experience with a certain company (good or bad) please pass that on to me. Terry :confused:
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    restoring an older sunfish

    I just picked up a 63 model Sunfish that needed new rudder, tiller, dagger board and sail. The boat itself is in excellent shape and a good trailer was included for $400. Even in its present state, I have sailed it a few times and I was surprised how well she sailed. All the hardware (very...
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    Pre 1972 rudder

    Thanks Mike. In the meantime though, I think I found a good source for an "old style" rudder in good condition from a member of the forum.
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    Sunfish sailing near Key West

    Anyone out there sailed recently around Key West? I'm headed there for the entire month of Janurary 08 and planning to trailer my Sunfish (after a few upgrades...its a "63" model). Last winter when I was there I noticed some Sunfishes on Smathers beach for rent and did see a few sailing on...
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    New to sailing, help?

    Josh: This mostly depends on the type of water that you plan to sail on. I usually sail in lakes and paddle out to catch the wind. As soon as I reach enough dept for the center board, I lower it for stability. As for returning to shore, the same would apply.