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    Laser II - wood member rotten ?

    Confirmed: Fogh Marine in Toronto can get 8" inspection ports - $45. There are larger ports that you can get, made for Hobies (not a big deal anyway, fibreglass is fibreglass) with a hinge - $104. I got another port for my current boat, went with the cheaper option.
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    Laser II - wood member rotten ?

    Hi Nacho, I cut smalle holes with a 2" hole saw then used a Dremel with a grinder and sanding head. Home Depot $100 for the tool and 50 bits. I found the covers at my club, been looking around for more. Fogh Marine in Toronto may be able to help. The support structure was two long pieces with...
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    Acme carbon tiller

    Carbon fibre hockey sticks work. A bit thicker than the Acme, but 1/4 the price.
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    Laser 2 traveller rigging-need help

    The second method is the correct method. A Laser 2 traveller is kind of a misnomer as it doesn't really travel. Looks like I'll be making videos this winter TL2
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    Laser 2 jib halyard

    The knot that is tied to the wire halyard is too big. It is getting caught on the internal rivets of the mast fittings. other possibility is that the halyard is twisted around other halyards and is tightening itself at the top of the halyard's travel. TL2
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    Laser 2 rigging questions

    1st pic: the jib cunningham is permanent. The small white line on the tack of the jib is the Cunningham. You should put the job shackle onto the bow eye as the eye the shackle is currently attached to is for a cow catcher to prevent a spinnaker sheet keelhaul. The jib then becomes the forestay...
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    Laser II

    TheSaj, there should be two guy cleats just forward of the shroud eyes on the gunwales. There should also be two trapeze systems on the mast. Loosen the trap systems fully so they will be easy to attach to the guy cleats. 1. Loosely tie the forestay to the bow eye with the mast destepped, but...
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    Is This Outhaul Set Up Legal?

    Good to get the correct info. Can you answer WHY there are a specific number of turns?
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    Is This Outhaul Set Up Legal?

    I know, I'm saying the 90 degree turns don't count as "turns". But as you're a Measurer, you must know what you're saying. The shackle rule is for a turn. He uses a block and shackles to move the block away from the gooseneck. The rule says the optional block can be attached with or without a...
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    Laser parameter

    Hmmmm, a Laser 2 has a 120mm tube, quick launch system. It's like burning wood with a magnifying glass, bigger glass = bigger burn.
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    Old man beginner

    Best way to learn how to race is to do it. Learn the basic racing rules, start sequences, right of way rules. Start by focusing on finishing the races within the time limit. Most people race for years before finishing high in the fleet. Set attainable goals, that way you can always attain them...
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    Air bags / buoyancy bags

    The Optimist buoyancy bags work the best. Kept my boat from sinking after I creamed a rock. Sailed the boat 10 miles with water up to the gunwales. I had 7 of those in my L2. Poor boat, she sleeps with the trash now.
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    Is This Outhaul Set Up Legal?

    Yeah I see what you're saying. You're allowed to attach a block to the outhaul fairlead on the boom, 3(f)(iii). I think a turn has to be a 180, not a 90. So you can do 6, plus the vertical down from the gooseneck and horizontally to the cleat. He's got two at the clew, then 4 on the blue line...
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    Is This Outhaul Set Up Legal?

    I think you can have unlimited turns as long as you don't change the dimensions that need to be measured for a race, like the sail or the hull, the spars too maybe. He's making it so you can trim with your pinky finger. You can race with a standard control setup where you control the outhaul...
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    Looking for a Spinnaker pole for Laser 2

    Peterborough, Ontario