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    Race-Ready Laser #148221 $2,250

    Performance Sailcraft, 1987 Wintered Indoors, covered outdoors! Stiff Deck & Hull Less than 12 hours on new class-legal sail New rules rigging: vang, outhaul, cunningham provide easy control Cast metal bridle fairleads Boom reinforcement Wear Plate installed in mast step Optiparts Blade...
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    DrLaser Passwords

    OK, thanks everybody. Hopefully the good doctor returns soon... t
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    DrLaser Passwords

    No, that's the only problem I'm really interested in... t
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    DrLaser Passwords

    I got the DrLaser username/password pair from James Appel the other day, but I still can't get in to the protected DrLaser articles with it. Shevy I guess has been out sailing for a few days because he's usually very quick to answer e-mail and I haven't heard from him. Is there some problem with...