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    New to lasers

    As Lali said, if you're not racing competitively, then the traveler doesn't need to be super tight. before you launch just set the trav tension so that the block just 'clicks' the tiller with a couple pounds of upward pull on the sheet as you roll it past the tiller. As your tacks get better...
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    Traveler issues

    I was told by a reputable coach that getting your trav block to lock in at the most leeward position has a lot to do with your tacking technique. the combination of sheet ease, roll energy and trim on the new tack is critical to getting the desired block position. I still have a hard time...
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    Laser Tiller

    Does your XD do the same thing?
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    Laser Tiller

    So do you get play in the tiller? You mentioned in the OP that you start hitting the cleat "after a day out sailing". Does that mean it doesn't hit when you rig up?
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    Laser Tiller

    Is there vertical play in your tiller? My guess is that's your problem. the mate between the tiller and rudder head should be very tight w no play whatsoever. You can get better purchase on the rudder tie down line by adding a few truckers hitches to the system. I have a hitch between the...
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    Making repairs to gunwale

    Those look pretty minor, cosmetic only. on the bow, i would leave that alone or find a piece of rubber or plastic strip to fasten to it as a bumper of sorts. That area is very prone to marring and scratches. on the side gunwale scuffs, i would start with some 320 wet paper on a block and...
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    Laser Go Pro /Action Camera Mount

    I like the mount location, great pov for technique training. you should look at some of the cool gimbals coming out of the drone world, they work w gopro's. it would be good for keeping a level horizon and image stabilization...
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    Recommendations for a wooden dagger board coating?

    If you want a nice clear and protective coating I would recommend West Systems 207 clear hardener epoxy. It dries water clear and won't yellow on you. It has some UV protectant, but not as robust as a varnish. It would provide a much tougher finish than a varnish though. Just don't leave the...
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    Composite Top Section - Any News?

    would they use the same collar or possibly design one that tapers into the upper section? (making a new collar available to older alu tops as well)
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    Great Lakes Masters champs

    Nothing on Yacht scoring for results?? did they get any races off?
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    wrapping the sail on the mast.

    thx Lali, I actually have a bag that should work, its jib bag off my 33' t ten and is approx. 13' long. guessing that should cover most of the sail.
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    wrapping the sail on the mast.

    Doing a multi day regatta, and wanted to leave the rig up throughout. boat will be on a lift in very protected area. anyone know if wrapping the sail does any damage to the shape or leach? obviously the battens will be removed. Thanks!
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    running is good aerobic but not what you need to stop the burn, you need to build the quads by doing squats, lunges, and some time on the hiking bench. Your toes shouldn't be straight either, more like 45deg angle w the strap half on foot and half on ankle. have fun!!
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    Water Flowing Up Through Centerboard Trunk while sailing

    Get a Seitech dolly and a little 8lb mushroom anchor w a float. Launch and anchor the boat to return the dolly, leave the anchor/float set while you sail, reverse the process coming in...
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    Laser tactical compass question: 103RE vs CarbonParts

    I do believe the Tactical compass cards, like the Plastimo tactical, should read the same number tack to tack. There are actually 6 units on each quadrant, 15deg. per unit. So if you are tacking through 90 deg.s you should hit the same number on each tack... I've been looking at the...