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    hiking pants

    The hikng shorts say "designed to accommodate the 4924 Performance Hiking Pads". Looks like you would buy the pads seperately: I have the Gill lederhosen (worst look EVER);, which are a terrible...
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    Old Laser Retrofit

    Confirming that the 'turbo' cam-cleats and cunningham plate easily retro-fit, using the same screws in the same holes as the old crap. If or when the screws pull out, then you can install the porthole and bolt-through. On my 1976 vintage 24877 'Firefly', I completed 2 races before this happened...
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    When did boom stiffeners become "factory" installed?

    Lase 24877 still has the original boom. Without a sleeve it would bend alarmingly with moderate vang/kicker tension. I retro-fitted a sleeve, which has limited that bend. Because the boom was already bent, and the sleeve is a smaller diameter than the inside of the boom, some permanent bend...
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    New mainsheet - any recommendations?

    After substantial research & consulting, I went for a 7mm Robline "Dinghy Sheet". The spec is a tight polyester wrap around polyester core, which prevents the wrap sliding, and in turn helps stop twisting & tangling. After I fitted out my boat, the two other Lasers at my club tried it and got...
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    Sailing Laser | GoPro Video

    Nice one bro! I'm trying to instigate school sailing programs here, so it's especially good to see one in action. If we get blown out one day & stuck inside, I'll definitely show them this clip. I'll introduce it by saying "sailing is fun, and capsizing is nothing to worry about". One tip: tie...
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    competitiveness of 20-year old hull?

    I'm sailing a 1976 Laser, 24877 "Firefly". When I got it the bottom was rugged with deep gouges from being dragged over things, the foils were beat up, and inside the hull the foam blocks sat in plastic bags full of water. Bit of bog & polish, some upgrades and it goes OK! A few kg overweight, a...
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    More details on the foiling Laser development and kits for sale via link below. I read elsewhere the kit is AU$6000
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    Laser newbie - standard or full rig?

    The flipside is that the modern controls are so much easier to adjust, which removes an unnecessary, frustrating element from learning to sail. The old v-jam 3:1 vang/kicker is virtually impossible to get tight enough, which makes going upwind slower and more difficult than it needs to be. The...
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    sweet, thanks for that. I can see my error was to search for vang, instead of 'kicker'
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    > Argue all you like on this. OK thanks, I will. In the 2 years I have a Laser, there has not been one available 2nd hand in Aus. On an Aus forum (since deleted), there were a few of us pleading for 2nd hand gear, all to no avail. A search in ebay archives reveals no results. Looking at imports...
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    Following Shevy Gunter's advice (from "Designing custom control systems"), I have achieved class-legal upgrades to the cunningham, and an 8:1 vang that still uses the old V-jam block. However, this requires sheeting the main in tight before pulling the vang in order to get it tight enough...
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    Upgrading the old vang/kicker with a cheap, no-legal system would provide advantage. Here is Australia, the class-legal "Laser vang complete" is $350+. If I use alternative blocks, I can put together a system with the same purchase ratios, cam-cleats & all, for less than half that price. It's...
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    Sail set Question

    if the top is streaming, and the lower isn't: - pinch up so the lower is streaming. Steer off the lower one. - use mainsheet tension to pull the leech tight and get the top streaming. Pull the vang tighter to hold that shape, so that the sail will remain in shape when you ease sheet to de-power.
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    How to park the boat at the start line?

    Part of the trick is developing confidence. Every week while waiting for the start sequence to begin, I like to park at the pin end, and try to stay within a couple of boat lengths of the buoy. As you sit on starboard, the boat tends to drift to leeward, so then you roll tack, just sheet in...
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    XD Outhaul/Cunningham Cleat

    My old 1976 Laser (24877) had a strip of wood impregnated into the fibreglass, and the screws bit into this. The timber was too far gone for a glue repair, so the fix was to install a 6" hatch cover, and bolt-through with 3/16 bolts, a backing plate, and nylocs. The boat has required this for...