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    Installing bailer in Sunfish clone (Dolphin)

    thanks for the information, I may give it a try!
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    Rudder Assembly And Boom

    do you still have the lower boom for your sunfish.? thanks
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    Installing bailer in Sunfish clone (Dolphin)

    I have a Dolphin SR that I would like to install a bailer. Has anyone done this on a Dolphin or a sunfish clone and do you have any suggestions? Also would you use the older bailer or the newer one or does it matter? Thanks
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    Needed lower boom for older sunfish

    I need a lower boom for a Dolphin SR. I think they are the same as the sunfish as the Dolphin was a clone. The lower boom measures right at 13'8" which is the same as the sunfish. I am in Roswell, Ga., but sail up in western NC on Lake Santeetlah. Please contact me is you have a boom or...
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    Hull restoration

    Thanks! After the second coat of primer, I sand with 220 grit? Do I hand sand or use an orbital sander? Also, should I apply one coat of Brightside or two? thanks
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    Hull restoration

    I just put the first coat of Pre-kote primer on the hull of my Dolphin SR. I thought I had the hull sanded pretty well, but now I see places I didn't sand enough! I used a Marine Tex to fill and fair the hull. Can I sand some more, through the primer and then prime again , or should I just...
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    Dolphin SR (Sunfish clone)

    Can anyone give me the length of the tiller and tiller extension on a Dolphin Sr.? Also will a sunfish sail work and will other sunfish parts interchange? Thanks Tom