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    Builders Weight

    Got my answer; sheets are part of the builders weight.
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    Builders Weight

    Are the main, jib/genoa and spin sheets part of the builder weight number; they are not mentioned in the required or optional items. Where are they accounted for?
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    Mast Butt Adjuster

    Looking for a mast butt adjuster for a J24. 210 313 7519
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    FS: Harken Lopez Blocks

    If you still have them call 210 313 7519, plz text me if you don't have tham anymore. Thx, Tom
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    Carbonfiber spinnaker pole / Velocitek Prostart for sale

    plz call 210 313 7519; i want the pole.
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    Orrigo 3000 Alcohol Stove/ Never used

    Plz call 210 313 7519; I'll be in Chicago 28 May 2018.
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    J/24 1978 hull No 306

    If you still have the boat call Tom K at 210 313 7519.