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    WTB 14.2 in good-to-better shape

    For Sale I have a 14.2; red,white, blue sails; 1992 boat, sails, galv. trailer in very good condition (kept in garage).N.E. Ky..close to Huntington, W. Va. $1900. Also have a new Honda 2Hp (2 hrs) $600....Getting a larger boat.
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    For Sale

    title I bought this boat at a dealership in Ohio at Strictly Sales, Inc...I have clear titles. Tom Colley
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    For Sale

    cost to Arizona I have no idea; especially with fuel prices...but the boat is ready to sail, I went out Sunday in Ohio for 4 hours in 8 kt. wind and blue sky-perfect. Tom Colley
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    For Sale

    For Sale; 1992 C14 red white blue sails; galv. trailer everthing in very good shape; sails in Cave Run Lake in KY and Rocky Fork in Ohio. $2500. 606-474-5439 late evening. I need a larger Capri... :( Also have new 2005 Honda 2HP motor with boat $2900...boat has motor mount.
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    anti-fouling paint?

    Is anti-fouling paint a good thing for my 14.2, if I'm going to dock it all summer in a lake...the boat looks so good...will it slow it down or hurt the value?????
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    position of centerboard

    Need to find a good book on sailing centerboard boats...I'm a new sailor and own a 1992 14.2. I was taught to sail in a colgate 26...can someone give me some pointers on the position of the centerboard in all the points of sail. I have been keeping it up in downwind sailing and half-way for...
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    I purchase some teltails for the sails by Davis marine...the directions to install are in different area...should I follow davis marine direction or does someone have a better way...davis directions are 3 teltails spaced evenly vertical about 10 inches from the luff edge. Tom Colley