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    Upper Spar Needed

    Syracuse is a little too far to travel at this point so I will try to find one closer to home. In the meantime I will try to bend it back and rotate 180 degrees to reinstall. Thanks for the feedback. I didn't notice the FAQ section of the forum before which has so much good info, especially...
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    MARYLAND Upper Spar Needed

    Just purchased a used 1976 Sailfish. The hull is in good shape but the upper spar is bent slightly. Looking for a good used on within a couple hour drive of either Wilmington, DE or Washington DC.
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    AMF Alcort Sunfish w/ Trailex Trailer

    I’m too far away to be interested. You could also try listing it on Facebook Marketplace. Good luck.
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    AMF Alcort Sunfish w/ Trailex Trailer

    If you can find the hull number, sometimes on starboard transom (?), it would be the last two digits.
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    AMF Alcort Sunfish w/ Trailex Trailer

    What year is this hull? Thank you.