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    Rigging help

    When I bought my 14.2, I used this youtube video for a basic rigging guide: Also, UCLA uses the 14.2 for their sailing courses, and a PDF of their textbook has made its way online:
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    Ouch, my aching buns

    Hi Russ, been thinking about some spring projects before I put my Capri in the water - this one could be pretty minimal effort for a very high impact! Do you know how many squares you needed? My boat is 3.5 hrs away so I can't really measure right now. Thanks!
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    Motor Mount + Cupholders

    I looked this weekend and see I don't have a picture of the actual mount, sorry. But I followed about what was done on this thread. My Motor Mount |
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    Motor Mount + Cupholders

    I bought a 2000 Catalina 14.2 last summer and sail on a lake in Minnesota. I determined pretty early on that I needed a small electric motor for docking, and also realized that a couple cup holders for the helmsman would come in handy as well. I've learned a lot from this forum so I figured I'd...