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    Sail maker

    Gray polysester vs Top Gun I bought a cover for my sunfish last year from these folks. They have an Ebay store. The cover was made out of gray polyester. I was looking for something inexpensive and found this at a good price for what I needed. I have no complaints. The mast down winter...
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    Replacement shrouds from Catalina

    The bolt that comes with the shrouds I installed new shrouds this year and also ran across the bolt mystery. I believe there may have been a perceived problem with the screws (particularly the lower two of the screws on the tang that are next to the shroud) pulling out of the mast. I have never...
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    Ed Jones article in Sail Mag

    Got my copy of Sail magazine today (July, 2009) and to my surprise there is an article by our own Ed Jones on page 37. Very enjoyable story Ed.
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    boom traveller

    The trapeze idea for the Capri 14.2 would be a really cool idea or a very cold idea, depending on the water temperature.
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    Buying used, is there a Title for Capri?

    If you are in Georgia, I believe it is similar to here in Tennessee where there is no title, just registration. If you are buying and registering in Georgia, then the seller should give you a notarized bill of sale and the registration card, which the seller signs. Check out "" and...
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    Easy to capsize?

    Perhaps you should have passed before you bought the boat. If you have so much experience, it must have been a really good salesman to get you to buy the 14.2 without you investigating or trying it first. So, you may not want to brag about how smart you are. Why don't you sell you boat on...
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    Easy to capsize?

    Moosman, I am amazed as to how experience you are with the 14.2 considering you are trying to sell you brand new boat that has never been in the water! Sorry, but I just had to say something about you claiming to be an experienced sailor after reading your postings since earlier this year...
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    Coated shrouds or plain?

    The shrouds are raked back to eliminate the need for a backstay, so you will find that your main does contact and press against the shrouds when you are running before the wind. The PVC is not factory. Perhaps you may want to post a picture so you can get opinions as the purpose of the PVC...
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    Ever been demasted?

    Shroud. It can be a real mess. If you are not sure of yours, they are not very expensive to replace.
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    Used Sunfish Racing Sail $120 with window

    The sail has been sold.
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    Used Sunfish Racing Sail $120 with window

    My best guess is that the sail is around 10 years old. I bought a 1990 Sunfish that had it original colored sail and the racing sail. My wife wanted to keep the "colorful" sail and I have no need for the racing sail. The original owner said he sailed for a number of years before buying the...
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    Used Sunfish Racing Sail $120 with window

    I have a used Sunfish Class approved sail for sale. Sail has window and reinforced grommet for cunningham. One small repair below window. Sale is in good condition. See attached pictures. Will take $120 and I will pay for UPS ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 states. I would prefer...
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    Where should I buy new standing rigging

    Rudy, that was a reasonable amount of time. My order was faxed in in the middle of August, 2000 and it was later in September when I received it from them. Hopefully, your experience is the norm and mine was just bad timing.
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    Adjustable Traveler?

    More on the traveler Tying knots in the traveler is intended so that you can trim your main in as close to the boats center line as possible. If you are looking for maximum speed, this is the way to go. However, you have to compensate more to keep the boat from heeling excessively in heavy...
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    Where should I buy new standing rigging

    replacing shrouds Jim, they looked OK on my 1993 I bought in 2000 too. The shroud snaped about an 1/8 of an inch inside one of the crimps. It would have required xray vision to see it coming apart. I plan to replace my shrouds every five years. It is a small price to pay for insurance.