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    Need Replacement Pully

    Good time to look at your mast! This is a really timely thread. A few days ago I dropped the mast on my Model 1 to look it over. The sheave (top pulley) was really in bad shape from rubbing on the mast slot, many of the screws on the spreaders and other parts were very loose and the foam in...
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    Factory Motor Mount Finally remembered to take my camera to the lake. This is how we mounted the "factory" motor mount. Notice that we flipped the brackets inward so we could put the motor further away from the rudder. Up or down the motor doesn't interfere with the traveler. I don't see...
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Saw some batteries at Wal-mart that might be of interest. They were re-chargable ones for the little kids cars. Several sizes were available so might find one to power a trolling motor. Paul
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    Please help - outboard motor mount

    We installed the same motor mount in the above photos but flipped the brackets so they bolted towards the center, not outer edge of the transom. This made it easier to mount farther to the side, out of the way of the rudder. l_ _l not this- _l l_ ---------...
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    Catalina 16.5 Website

    Wrong place Sorry, meant to post in forum. Paul M
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    Catalina 16.5 Website

    I hope this is an appropriate topic.....I read many of the posts on the 16.5 website and since their boats are so similar to the 14.2 the problems are too. It is a good resource, and a congenial group too! I have a 1988 14.2 (#1267). It is...
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    Top Ten symptons your stern plug is out

    My wife and I were in a beginners regatta at ElDorado, KS and 3 of the 10 boats forgot to put in the plug. 1 of the three 14.2's did it. We still didn't do well with the handicap! Paul