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    Video: Escaping The Nuking Coastal Winds

    I always enjoy your videos!
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    For family (wife & I) use?

    90% of the time single handed. I've taken my grown son or wife out a few times. It's a very tight squeeze and don't attempt it if there is much of a breeze.
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    Video: Laser Tugboat Duties

    We like all your videos!
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    Video: Sailing In Tomales Bay

    Looks great!
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    Bent Deck Plate - Why???

    Yes, I had this happen. None of my deck fittings on my 20 year old Laser were reinforced. So I cut a few service ports in the deck and put in bolts with washers. I bent the bracket flat and rebolted the bracket to the deck and no more problems.
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    New Power Head Sail by Intensity

    I have a Rooster 8.1 for the past two years. It is fun to sail when there is a very light breeze. If the wind gets above 10 mph I'm over powered and need my standard sail. I weigh about 195 and 6 ft.
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    Right-On Trailer

    I like mine. I have had it for a year and it is super easy to load and unload. I know there have been other posts about the durability of the paint finish versus other trailers but I haven't had any problems with the trailer stored outside for a year. I already had a launching trolley that came...
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    Laser Masters racing Columbia Gorge

    Starting day of racing in the Columbia Gorge
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    mast step plate on deck?

    On my 20 year old boat the blocks at the base of the mast were just screwed into the foam sandwich and started to pull out. I put in another inspection port and through bolted this block and also the deck jam cleats. I backed the stainless steel bolts with washers and they are holding tightly...
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    Laser newbie with questions..

    Wow, that looks like a beautiful boat. Wash it up and take it out sailing. I wouldn't worry about anything.
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    Video: Aerial View Of Where I Sail

    Wow, great hang gliding video! Thanks for the posting.
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    Day After Christmas 12 Mile River Sail

    Nice video, it is 45 degrees and cold fog in Portland, OR no wind for weeks.
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    When did boom stiffeners become "factory" installed?

    I have a 93 Laser and just broke my boom at the middle block. I was on a reach in 10 mph wind and it just snapped. I took a swim over the windward side. When I righted the boat half the boom was dangling from the end of the sail and the other whipping around in the boat. I sailed in a mile to...
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    Rooster 8.1 sail $150

    Hi, I am down in Vancouver, WA and interested. I will send you an email
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    Mast step repair. Opinions wanted.

    I have a 93 with two inspection ports. Boat is dry after I through- bolted all the fittings, including the deck cleats for the main sheet. I was told there were blocks of wood where they attached. Nope, just a thin sandwich of fiberglass with foam in between. I would really like to see Bungo...