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    Amflite 14

    Anyone know the weight of a 1967 Amflite 14.Also how many people can fit in it Max weight. I sold my old Alcort sunfish had no problem with two people on it Thanks for any info Taylor
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    Can anyone identify my boat?

    what does bump mean thanks ed
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    Can anyone identify my boat?

    Recently got boat off of Craiglist; no hull makings. Any info or thoughts would be helpful
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    can anyone identify my boat

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    looking for advise restore gloss to sunfish

    i am looking to bring back gloss shine to my sunfish. It had been stored outside by previous owner and is completly dull but otherwise ready to sail any suggestions?????????/ thanks taylor:mad::o
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    Old Style Sunfish parts for sale

    If you still have rudder mount hardware pinn bracket i am interested to set up sale.. thanks
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    loking to buy used daggerboard and rudder/tiller

    looking to buy used rudder/till and daggerboard for 1966 alcort sunfish thanks taylor
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    62' sunfish hull and deck hardware

    do you know of any centerboard rudder and till for sale I have a 1966 sunfish ready to go except for these must have parts thanks taylor
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    how can i find out the mfg date of my sunfish

    :confused: trying to find out how old my sunfish boat is:confused: