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    There is a kid posting Sunfish videos on YouTube

    Nice video. How has he rigged it so that the boom doesn't drop to the deck when he lowers the sail? I'd like to be able to do that. I have a Sunfish, not a mini sunfish.
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    Video: Norcalsail & Andy Explore The Russian River

    Well done! I really enjoyed the video. Your sailing experience is much different from my sailing in a fresh water lake in Texas.
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    58 Mile Trip

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video, the tunes, and the journey. The lake where I sail in East Texas is tiny compared to the great big ocean but man am I inspired to go sailing! Thanks for sharing! You are not only a daring sailor but a dynamite storyteller too.
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    First Post

    Welcome! I'm pretty new to sailing. Looks like you scored a really nice boat for a great price. I've learned a lot from the smart folks here about sailing and about boat repairs. Enjoy!
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    Replacing the deck drain

    I was able to flip the Sunfish on its side while it was on the trailer. I got quite a bit of water to come out of the deck drain. I’m not sure I got it all, but it’s an improvement.
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    Buy Sunfish = No wind

    I never noticed the wind before I bought a sailboat. Now I notice it everywhere.
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    Buy Sunfish = No wind

    I bought a used Sunfish 3 weeks ago and the there's been little to no wind for the last 3 weekends down here in NE Texas. Yesterday and today 2-3 kts. Last couple of weekends 5 knots was tops. I sailed a bit the last two weekends to get familiar with the boat but the wind was very...
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    Replacing the deck drain

    I managed to get my deck drain open with repeated application of WD-40. I hear water sloshing when I move the boat but I can't seem to manage to tip the boat in a way that causes anything to come out of the hole. Is the water trapped somehow? Is this common? Any suggestions on what to do?
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    Stand Up Paddlefish

    That explains it. I guess if you forget you go swimming.
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    New Sunfish

    It’s beautiful! Pretty much all the Sunfish I see are from the 70’s and 80’s. I was curious to see a new one. Enjoy!
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    Telltales - where to place them?

    I figured Christopher Cross “Sailing” would be a good choice of cassette tape to use as a telltale
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    Stand Up Paddlefish

    How does this sailing standing up work? What happens when you tack? I can barely get under the boom sitting down!
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    Telltales - where to place them?

    So what is the 6 cent solution to seeing which way the wind is blowing? Yarn tied to the top of the mast? Holding up a wet finger? I ask as the guy who spent $3.99 on velcro sheet hangers instead of using duct tape.
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    New member.

    Congratulations! Please post photos of the new boat in all its glory!
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    mainsheet loose between boom pulleys

    The Intensity Sail clips are very nice...