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    Wanted - 4.7 Lower & Sail Michigan

    Wanted: Laser 4.7 Lower and sail.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    Our opti fleet is full of very young sailors. He is not among other sailors matching his age or ability. He really has little interest in this level of competition. He would rather give up sailing than continue sailing in the Opti fleet (despite my encouragement)
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    Acme Tillers

    How can I get one of these? I would love to test it and write a review...
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    Thanks to everyone who has responded! If 90 lbs is the bottom weight fo a 4.7, he will never be able to hold a radial down. Also, I have a radial sail that he can use on extemely light wind days... Our cub does not sail Open Bic's or I would certainly be looking into this option!
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    Ok, been searching the net and forums but have been unable to find the info i'm looking for. I have a 12 year old son that weighs about 90 lbs. He has sailed an Opti for the last couple years dominating the fleet of younger sailors. Despite my encouragement to stay in the opti, he wants to move...
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    Trailer - Double Deck

    Where are you located?
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    Hey all, not sure if this is the right place to put this (mods feel free to move)... New addition of Laser to the annual fall MC regatta at Spring Lake Yacht Club in Spring Lake MI. This even twill be held on Sept 15 & 16!! See details and NOR at
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    Complete newb...where do I go for info??

    Hey all, I am an MC sailor looking to get into Lasers. Started looking but am confused on whats out there. Is there any good place for a complete newb to go to get basic info?? Hat asking a million questions that have been asked before.....Thanks!
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    NEWBIE!!! Holy Crap!

    Well, I sold my MC to downsize to a Laser. I need to buy one but don't know enough about them yet to spot a good deal. Ugh. There is more to a laser than I ever imagined. Anyway, just thought I would say HI!