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    2008 clean Laser w/multiple sails and ready to go!

    A 2008 Laser: This Laser has been used only for racing and maintained with loving care. It is all ready to sail - just rig and go! Asking $4,900. Harken equipped boomvang Scitech dolly Right On 2013 trailer - have all the papers and ready to register One class standard full rig Mark l sail Three...
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    Starts (racing in dinghies/skiffs)

    Dear Sailor-gilr: I empathize with you. It's hard to feel confident when you're getting yelled at by fellow competitors. But don't stop racing - things will improve for you. There are a few simple things you can do to assure a decent start and that's where you should begin. Once you master the...
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    Reading flat water

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    The perfect start

    You can totally use that technique on the starting line. I do it all the time but it's more a micro move to keep me in position rather than the full-blown get up and go move. I find that as I'm sitting on the line the boat wants to go past head-to and all of the sudden I'm stuck on port tack so...
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    Main Sheet Management

    Take heart yee tangled racers! The culprit may be the type of line you're using and not you! I recently purchase "Racing Sheet" from a well-known mid-atlantic distributor. This particular sheet is touted as the ultimate newest greatest sheet since sliced bread. The feel is great - it's soft...
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    The perfect start

    A good technique for getting the boat started again If you get stuck in irons on the starting line is to grab your boom, pulling the sail towards you over centerline - over-trimming the sail. That sends the bow down and the boat will start to move forward. If your really in irons you may need to...
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    The perfect start

    That's the question. Is there such a thing as "the Perfect Start". Ive raced lots of big boats but am fairly new to laser racing. Have raced a lot lately in smaller laser fleets (20 boats) and my techniques work pretty well. I'm interested to hear about different secrets to a good start in...
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    Frostbiting - in relative terms...

    Here's the deal with frostbiting - Frostbiting is awesome! Since I live in Boston it takes a hell of a cold winter for saltwater to freeze therefore we can sail year round. Get the right gear and go! The competition is really good,the course is short because we typically sail in protected bays...
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    Ugly wrinkles are fast (downwind?)

    Isn't about having a pretty tight leech downwind? Use the vang a bit just so the leech will "flick". That's super fast for me.
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    TLF Friendly to Women?

    I'm new to this laser blogging thing but I've been racing against a majority of men for over 20 years now - first in windsurfers and now lasers. Thus far I haven't had an issue with the content of the blog - but maybe I'm jaded when it comes to guy "talk". The bottom line is if you want the blog...
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    Intensity Sails

    Our frostbiting club agreed last season, after a heated discussion, to let the Intensity sails in for club racing. I bought a radial recently for a practice sail. The price was certainly right (200.00 including shipping) and it was delivered within a day of my order. I've only tried the sail in...