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    How stable is this thing?

    First rule for dingy sailing In high winds say 10+ never cleat the main. Second rule Never jibe in winds above say 10-15 Most capsizes occur during a jibe. Reasons to numerious to mention
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    Dimples on the hull

    My Mod3 2004 Capri 14.2 spent the winter on the trailer. Where the bow roller meets the bottom of the hull I developed two dimpples from the roller. Has anyone heard of this? Next winter I will take steps to fix this. Any info regarding this problem is most welcome.
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    2005 Nationals

    Are there regionals? North East?
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    We are Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Hey, So where you go for vacation?
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    Stability question

    I plan on capsizing my newly purchased Capri 14.2 when the water warms up around here (Hingham MA) to get a feel for how hard one can push the limits. In the interim, I would be pleased to read comments regarding the performance envelope, the ragged edge if you will of the Capri. I have...
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    Looks like a topping lift to me
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    Removing painted name

    Don't be surprised that after you remove the old paint you see a "ghost" in the gel coat from the old name. Generally this ghost image passes the 20ft test.
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    straightening a bent mast?

    Bent mast I live in Mass as well, Please share the info when you get it. BTW: I am in Hingham, where in MA are you?