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    How much wind?

    Probably depends on your size and your objective. Some sailors don't mind the slow wind drifting and use it to work on improving their light wind sailing tactics. I'm personally not a racer, and am a bigger guy (245 lbs), so find those light wind days a tad dreadful. I'd rather a stiff breeze...
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    Wanted Sunfish tiller extension

    they were normally just attached with a bolt
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    Wanted Sunfish tiller extension

    do you want the old wooden one? you can probably just make it from a scrap of wood. Intensity Sails does sell a wooden one Parts & Sails for The Sunfish® but they also sell several options with the rubber universal joints that offer a lot more flexibility than the bolted on wooden one.
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    Winds 24kts Gusting to Waterspouts

    great photos! I'm in Michigan and it's been a horrible April - extremely cold w/ snow/rain/etc constantly. hope to sail soon, though!
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    2018 Masters and Midwinters

    News article - Sailors from around the world gather in Panama City for Sunfish World Championship regatta On the water photo from Jonathan Martinetti Jonathan Martinetti on Instagram: “Otro día de poco viento pero clasificado a los Juegos Sudamericanos Cochabamba 2018 en la clase Sunfish...
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    Alcort Catfish

    Kent, that's an interesting connection - I didn't catch it before, but now that you mention it, the UFO is eerily similar to the Catfish hull shape.
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    Alcort Catfish

    very nice! I posted a few old Catfish ads a while back on my blog: Alcort Catfish sailboat vintage ads
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    Refinishing rudder, tiller and daggerboard this weekend

    for significant cracks, you can drill a hole and epoxy in a threaded rod. I did this on a few pieces a while back (detailed it here: sunfish rudder and daggerboard repair – progress) - the photo is a Super Porpoise rudder with a lead weight, but I used the same method on several pieces.
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    Purchasing Sunfish from the 70's

    that Sunfish in Denver is definitely not a 1983 - it has the old-style rudder, so would be pre-1972 or so. there is no way it would be worth paying $2000 for that boat.
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    Foam daggerboard?

    The daggerboard from Intensity Sails is $170+ shipping. I'd buy that one and spend your time and creativity on something else.
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    Wanted: Sunfish Dolly

    You could make your own dolly if you want, would be way less than $400. sunfish pvc dolly & handle [plans] Pic is w/o a handle, I've added a pvc handle to mine since then.
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    Update from the Sunfish Class: International Sunfish Class Association
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    Great news - an update from the Class President and World Sailing: International Sunfish Class Association “World Sailing cannot accept a rival international class association being created without the consent of the current class. Doing so fundamentally undermines the Class’s membership of...
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    I like the new logo, too