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    Wooden Rudder Repair - Cracked

    When I did my rudder and daggerboard repairs, I drilled a long hole through the wood and epoxied in a threaded rod to strengthen the cracked areas. Pic is of my Super Porpoise rudder, but the same concept...
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    Advice needed on used Sunfish

    $200 is cheap if it has all the parts necessary. $325 with a trailer is cheap too! I'd check the hull to make sure it doesn't have major damage or leaks.
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    *Denver* Sunfish Masts

    Two of those look like they might be Minifish.
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    Wooden Rudder Repair - Cracked

    That is beautiful water to sail in!
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    Mast snapped - can I use conduit?

    Sunfish mast: (published spec) 10' x 2 1/4" OD (.083" wall) and it is aluminum. You could compare that to what you can get in conduit.
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    No such thing as a free boat...

    thanks! I was just about to post the same thing!
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    cradle for sunfish

    Looks great! Hope it works well for you.
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    Mainsheet block

    I got a new mainsheet block for my Sunfish (moved the Harken 2135 over to our Minifish). It’s a 60mm (selectable) ratcheting block from Allen Sailing, with the “wave” sheave, supposed to have even better grip to help when holding the mainsheet. Hope to test it on the water soon. Used zip ties to...
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    !st sail went great EXCEPT

    Intensity Sails sells the Harken 2135 and a few other good options for a mainsheet block.
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    !st sail went great EXCEPT

    I think that last google photo you linked to has been argued as not that effective due to the angle of the mainsheet. This is my preferred setup: sunfish mainsheet controls upgrade Shown on a Minifish, but setup is similar on a Sunfish - you can mount the cam cleat on the cockpit lip of your...
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    Old Trailers with Old Boats

    Walmart or a good trailer shop would have the tires and rim. I've found it's often cheaper to just buy a whole new tire and rim instead of having a tire shop change them to new tires. Make sure you get the correct # of bolt/lug holes, and the proper tire load rating.
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    Adding cleat on mast for halyard

    bluejester0b - no, they are just the sheet metal screws, and they are 40+ inches up the side of the mast, there is no way I'd be able to reach anything up inside the mast to attach something on the back side. you might not be able to tell for sure if you lost the halyard cleat out on the water...
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    Where does the daggerboard bungee go?

    Mine is long enough that I pass it around one side of the mast and loop it around the tack of the sail and then back around the other side of the mast back to the daggerboard. The stretch of the bungee then can help keep the sail out when you're on a run in light breeze. Here's a bit about it...
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    APS going out of business sale (30% off all)

    Well I'm a LONG way from Annapolis so the store was never a realistic option. ;) I'm debating getting some neoprene gear from APS for sailing in cooler weather, but yeah, getting the right sizes is concerning to me as well. If you don't want to risk it with APS and no returns, Ronstan has a 25%...
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    boom replacement / repair?

    I think the suggested repair I've heard here before is to flip the lower boom end for end (switch the end caps) so that the gooseneck is on a strong part of the original boom. And then you can repair/reinforce the damaged end with a pipe sleeve that matches the inside diameter of the spar.