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    that one is Lake Erie - near Monroe, Michigan. a GoPro screenshot, actually.
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    America's Cup

    [Wavedancer, standing by his trophy case:] :) joking aside, it sounds like LV&W has the right idea - Goodwill or a trophy shop might be your best option to recycle them.
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    I mostly feed my Sunfish (ahem... sailboat) some fresh water and a little bit of sunscreen.
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    2018 Worlds; Wrightsville Beach NC; Oct 7-12

    Great write-up! Thanks for posting that Chris!
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    2018 Worlds; Wrightsville Beach NC; Oct 7-12

    Holy waves and wind! via Twitter:
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    2018 Worlds; Wrightsville Beach NC; Oct 7-12

    Day 1 photo from Carolina Yacht Club's facebook account:
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    First Minifish

    I wouldn’t cut them. You might find a Minifish rig one day, and you could then sell the larger Sunfish spars as whole.
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    Wooden Super Sailfish repair

    repeated for emphasis?
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    Stand for hull/deck repair

    See Kent's blog post here: Small Boat Restoration: Sunfish Work Dolly 19 Apr 17 He has a work stand/dolly modeled after the Laser Performance factory's finishing dollies.
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    First post...Bought 1999 Vanguard Sunfish for $300...

    sounds like you got an amazing deal! congrats!
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    Old Sailfish/Sunfish Rudder Blade Question

    it's a test hole for a lead weight like the Super Porpoise rudder. they started with a really small piece of lead.
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    Old wooden fish - worth it?

    I have the same model year - my blue stripes are more or less peeled away though - previous owner didn't keep it stored inside.
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    Making a Sunfish Wind Indicator

    man, that thing is beautiful! puts my coat hanger version to shame. :)
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    GPS/Workout Tracking Apps

    I've been debating getting a Garmin GPS watch (Forerunner 235) for running, and it looks like it'd be waterproof, so would work for sailing my Sunfish as well. and there looks to be an app you can add Sailing: Garmin Connect IQ that would show speed in knots while sailing.
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    Sunfish PVC dolly with a handle

    right, that'd probably work even better!