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    2019 Sunfish Worlds

    pretty sweet hype/intro to Bonaire video put together to promote the event: The island and venue look amazing - I've never raced my Sunfish, so would be way out of my element to participate, but I'd love to go there as my vacation and just watch the event!
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    Sunfish Story from Sailing World

    kind of reminds me of when my brother-in-law jumped off my Sunfish as we pulled up near the shoreline of Lake Michigan... and dumped me in the water backwards. you can't avoid the laws of physics!
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    new picture

    Looks great! Sail looks great - did you plan to make a Sunfish logo for it? I detailed how I did it here: making a Sunfish sail logo
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    Main sheet cleat that locks in

    there is this option as well: Mainsheet Jam Cleat but this is my preferred setup (shown on a Minifish, but the same part #'s apply for a Sunfish - the cam cleat can be mounted on the cockpit lip of a Sunfish).
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    New owner, older hull Serial# 010013 refurbishing for my daughter

    2-part expanding foam works well to reset the blocks. I did this a few years ago, see my blog post about it: foam block reset
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    Sunfish transportation tips and advice.

    Great article on the Day Sailer, Kent!
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    '67 Sunfish

    it'll sail a lot better if you get it out from under that pontoon boat!
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    back in the cockpit again

    or if you don't plan to race, save some money and get a sail from Intensity Sails ($120+shipping) Race Style Practice Sail for the Sunfish®
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    back in the cockpit again

    welcome to the forum, Mr. Bill! this is a great place to learn about tips/tricks for sailing, repairs, trailering, etc. use the "search" function and ask any questions. cheers, tag
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    I have a broken gugdeon bracket for porpose 2 what should i do?

    Hope the pvc dolly works out well for you guys!
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    New member looking for some advice on a project Sailfish

    APS has a pretty nice "recreational" line package for a Sunfish, with the suggested line diameter, line, and type for mainsheet, halyard, etc. Recreational Line Package For Sunfish
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    Sunfish North Americans results posted

    Top 5 is CRAZY close after 9 races. Three way tie for 2nd place, only 3 points behind first.
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    New Project Questions

    others mentioned APS for new line - they have a nice "kit" with all the lines you'll need, already pre-cut to length and the appropriate line diameter and type. Recreational Line Package For Sunfish the only additional line to consider getting (that doesn't come with the kit) is the 1/8" line...
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    New Project Questions

    you might consider a port on the back wall of the cockpit - I don't think yours should have the storage cubby back there anyway. I'm not sure if that's going to give you enough access for the rudder conversion... but I put one there and liked that location on my older Sunfish.
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    welcome! this Forum is an excellent resource - use the search function to look for old threads about tips/tricks and helpful upgrades and some of the simple repairs that are often necessary with a Sunfish of that age.