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    Sail Ring Removal Tool - Easy to Make

    I had to take 3 sails off of the booms to do some boom straightening which worked well but taking off those clips had me frustrated :mad: as one of the rigs was rather aged and the sail rings were more yellow than white. I tried everything, needle nose, vise grips, two screwdrivers, etc... After...
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    Any one sailed a Big Fish?

    Also ask your dealer if the gasket on the storage compartment has been upgraded. The originals were not deep enough and allowed leakage into the storage area.
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    Any one sailed a Big Fish?

    The gooseneck is much closer to forward end of lower boom which places upper boom nearly parallel to the mast. Of course this gets the lower boom way above the cockpit. Hopefully my picture attached to this. I talked with Island Packet at length about this and they assured that it is best in...
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    Any one sailed a Big Fish?

    Yes, I own a BigFish. Go to their website and check out the video, it is a great boat. I bought it as an instructor boat. I teach sailing and have a fleet of 6 Sunfish. With the Bigfish, I can comfortably sit in boat and be completely out of the way of the student. It handles just like a...
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    Need help Identifying this Sunfish Look-alike

    I have a boat that has a lateen rig with gooseneck, booms, sail and mast that are identical Sunfish parts. It is unique in the daggerboard and rudder. There are no labels, name plates, or transom serial number on the boat. It has a slight rear keel. The daggerboard is shaped like a shark fin and...
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    Sunfish Rudder for Sale

    I'll take it, please shoot me a message to work out details. Thanks