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    Sunfish on CRV

    It could but..... I have been strapping down kayaks , surfskis , optis and sunfish on to cars for15 years , IMHO it is not worth the risk to jury rig it. You could put some blankets down , sure BUT you hit the wrong bump or swervre in an emergency (can't predict those can we) you could have a...
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    Sunfish on CRV

    If your rack is rated for 75 pounds then DON'T put a 140 pound sunfish on it ! If the Rack fails you at best scratch the you know what out of your car paint , and at worse injure someone , Hoping Beldars advise is somewhat in jest if not.....Bad Beldar !:eek:
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    Sunfish on CRV

    Get a higher rated rack , most Yakima?/thules are rated @250 lbs. , OR a trailer
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    What to wear sailing

    If you sail in water less than tropical.........preventing hypothermia , PRICELESS ! and of course totally relevant to the conditions in which you play. Over many years of sea kayaking , surfski paddling and now sailing I have gotten mildly hypothermic a few times , never over the edge but close...
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    Did Sunfish make a "Millenium Edition?"

    NICE Score ! you shoulda asked for a reciept ,lol.....
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    Did Sunfish make a "Millenium Edition?"

    Nice lookin boat isle of wight , curious what the good lady sold it to you for.
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    Down-Ratcheting Web Straps

    Harken makes a garage ceiling storage system designed to raise and lower boats onto vehicles , saw one at rei and it looked good , however @$120 kinda spendy.
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    ratchet block/cam cleat /swivel base diagram?

    Wayne , that looks like it would work to me. Anyone......why not ??????
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    Bigger Sail for a Sunfish

    You are suggesting 44% increase in sail area ?????? By the time you make accomadations of design you may just as well try a bigger boat. I would venture that the radical change to sail area you are suggesting will not only create a bunch of other problems , It won't improve performance in the...
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    Best Wetsuit?

    with a wetsuit like that you don't need a boat !
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    Sunfish Set up Help

    chase craigslist ! you may find for a couple hundred bucks a waterloggged nightmare hull......THAT HAS ALL THE OTHER PARTS YOU NEED.... and you can use the trasher hull for a bar or a planter or a.......
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    Best Wetsuit?

    with those temps you may be better served (and not hypothermic) with a drysuit with layers underneath adjusted accordingly. downside = $$$$$$$$$
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    How do you get to be a good sailor?

    Maybe not where you live.....don't try this in SoCal !
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    Uses for a dead Sunfish

    Now THATS one helluva rudder mount eh ? , lovin the helm just pluggin right into the mast step !
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    15mph winds tomorrow! Finally..!

    I believe that would be running downwind.