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    WANTED: yellow/orange sail & trailer

    Hi all! Been away for quite a while and thought I'd try here again...I'm looking for a yellow/orange sail in good, usable condition to match my '76 with the same paint scheme. I am also in the market for a working trailer, as I still have not managed to procure one and I'm not quite at the point...
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    Wanted: Yellow/Orange sunfish sail

    That would be fantastic! As long as there are no major holes I would most definitely be interested. I'll look forward to hearing back.
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    Wanted: Yellow/Orange sunfish sail

    Looking for a yellow & orange striped sunfish sail to match the hull of my ~70s boat. If possible, I'd love to get it before the 14th. Needs to be in good, usable condition. Willing to pay up to $150 and I will drive up to several hours away if needed. Please email or PM me if interested. Thanks!