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    tiller extension help!!!

    Thanks for your replys. Yes, I have found that duct tape seems to work just fine. Also, like you say, I store the tiller and extension loose (read 90deg.) so the universal joint is not affected. Thanks again Ray
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    tiller extension help!!!

    My tiller extension ( older ronstan ) keeps coming out of it's place on the end of the tiller. The first piece is inserted ok, but the rectangular part that snaps over the small assembly does not. I was wondering if anyone knows of a small 'universal joint-type-thing' that could be screwed in...
  3. S how DO you right a boat????

    Thanks fishing mickey, for the helpful advice. I did try to hang on the board one time and my weight did not seem to make anything happen, maybe a few minutes more and I would have had success.....I'm a bit nervous about going out alone to sail now as I needed my brother to tow me in on HIS...
  4. S how DO you right a boat????

    I have a Force 5 (very similar to a Laser)..I would like to know how to right the boat in deep water.... Also, what reasons can you all think of that my boom would dis-locate itself from the mast?? I know it did...and I could not put it back under the wieght of everything...This happened in a...
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    You are all going to laugh!!!

    Ok..I like the Forum here so I'll keep on posting, even though I have a Force 5.... Here is my first day out in 25 years!!! My brother and I spent a couple of hours (with diagrams) rigging up the boats and finally launched them at our storage facility ( U.S Olympic Sainig Center in Coconut...
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    persona non grata?? force 5 purchase

    Thanks again for the replys. That sounds like a really good tecnique for tuning the boats..We will try it.
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    persona non grata?? force 5 purchase

    Thanks for your kind replies. I AM looking forward to begin sailing...They are stored, as we speak, at the U.S. Olympic Sailing Center in Coconut Grove...I am at the computer now and I'll be seeing if I can download any info on rigging the boat!! It is cool that all lines lead to the cockpit, so...
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    persona non grata?? force 5 purchase

    Well, I might as well come right out with it. As money is a little tight, and I wanted to get sailing......My brother and I bought 2 older, re-conditioned Force 5's yesterday!!! The current NA champ in the class took us to a good friend of his, and showed us the '2-boats-on-a-trailer' setup he...
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    Completely New Laser Sailer

    LOL...for some reason, dlclarke I THOUGHT you were from Canada. My dad had an old snark as well, and we would sail it in Lake Winnipeg, or in Kenora...."cottage' seemed to give it away too!!
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    Hello, the beginning of my brilliant career

    Really inspiring stuff!!! As I STILL have not found a good local laser to buy, I always love hearing about the exploits of 'first-timers'....whether to learn what NOT to do, or to clue-in to some small tid-bit of information that would be of some help.. That was a fun and enjoyable post. We...
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    You just won the lottery - where do you sail?

    Well, I have to say that in Biscayne Bay (off Miami) there is usually a nice breeze going on, and while the winds are not always 'honkin' here, you can find a nice mix.... Plus the water can get to 90 deg in the summer!!!!
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    Sailing wrist watch?

    Well, I hate to admit it, but over the last year I have had to pull everything away from my face to focus on whatever it is I am trying to look at. A basic 'Walmart-special' would work (or a G-shock ), but I am afraid that I would prefer a larger readout, so I can 'suss' it out in a glance...
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    Sailing wrist watch?

    The Casio W-753 sounds like a good one. I'll have to check it out. The Ronstan clear start actually will probably win me over, as it is just what I am looking for. I may break down and decide to get a watch...don't know yet if I want to have a seperate one, or an...
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    Sailing wrist watch?

    It has a "yacht-timer" - during countdown it beeps every minute plus 30sec left. The most important is the beeping each second during the final 10 seconds ending with longer tone on start/zero. Its easy to vary between 10 or 5 min starts. If you miss the 10 minute signal/flag you can easy...