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    1981 Laser 1 for sale

    Located near Gravenhurst. 1981 Laser in good shape, complete and w/ deck cover. Creme colour deck and hull. No soft spots or blisters on deck. Can deliver in the Simcoe Muskoka region. Will send pictures upon request. $1,500 obo Contact
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    1977 laser for sale

    Boat SOLD thanks
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    1977 laser for sale

    1977 laser, yellow hull, cream deck, 2 year old sail, rigging, rooster deck cover, blade finish, nice and solid and clean. Located 100 mi. N or Toronto in Gravenhurst. $1,500 CAN. 705 329 8826
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    rolling sails

    I have been taking the mast out of the boat, slide the bottom section out of the sleeve, loosely fold the sail in half at the lower end of the top section and then I neatly and loosely roll it around the mast top section. The nice thing about this is that it only takes about 2 minutes to set up...
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    Advice on installing inspection port on rear deck?

    Before you go cutting out holes in your boat find out if there is indeed foam in the boat at all. I don't think there is any foam floatation in the hull!
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    2 people in a standard Laser

    Both people sail fine in the cockpit. Simply do not use the mainsheet block regardless of who is actually manning the sheet. Makes for easy transferals with no entanglements and therefore pleasurable sailing. - my 2 cents
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    Newbie - car topping question

    I took a picture this past wkend of my laser frame for anyone interested. I generally haul the boat during the day and tie a red flag on the end.
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    Newbie - car topping question

    Trying to figure out how to attach an image, here goes....
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    Newbie - car topping question

    I have an s10 small p-up to tote my boat with. I built a "dolly" by cutting a pair of 10' 2x10 stringers to match the profile of the hull. I screwed them together with 2x4 crossers, using a pair of crossers (4x4) mounted such that they slide over the wheel wells and down in front thereby...
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    What do you think? [Boat Choice]

    Re: What do you think? I ,ve had a lot of fun in my sunfish and then I got a laser. There is just no comparison, the sunfish is a toy compared to the laser which does pack a lot of real thrill for such a small craft. My sunfish is for sale.
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    Need advice on top covers

    I too purchased a rooster cover from intensity. It is a heavy duty cover that is built to last. It has a shock cord built into the perimeter and a couple buckle straps to hold it while on the road. It looks like it will stand up to leaves and needles well and at only 99 bucks how can you go...
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    Practice sails

    I bought one of the laser top covers recently and am very impressed. It really is well made with nice material. I recommend this product.
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    I've heard it works but I've also heard that its not very good for a sail - it stresses it and stretches it out of shape.
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    Best place to buy a new Laser sail? (USA)

    There is a almost new North in the classified section of this board for 250.00 see - "laser sail-full rig conneticut" 49208 Post date Dec 19
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    Laser sails

    Kevin I just received my sail. Very nice, looks in mint condition and in my opinion- still fresh and crispy. Based on everything I've seen on EBay these past few months I believe I got a very good deal. Thanks again and happy sailing!! Brad