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    Traveling with tiller/extension

    Orange Bowl will be a great regatta did it last year in 4.7. When I went down there I put it in a 4" pvc pipe with an end cap and an unscrewable end cap on the other side. Cut the pipe so the tiller/extension will fit it in and before you put it in wrap it in bubble wrap. It's also a good idea...
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    Laser Outhaul and Cunningham

    Can someone please help me out with what I should buy for a new Cunningham and Outhaul that will be taken off frequently? Thank You!
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    Laser Performance Favoring Europe

    How many people buy new boats compared to used boats? Most people get used boats and then buy new parts for them. All of the kits that are good quality are from the UK. Laser Performance definitely doesn't favor the US.
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    Laser Performance Favoring Europe

    If you are complaining about the boat prices you can buy a barely used "demo" or "event" boat and just outfit it with the European XD rigging for under 6000 USD. The cost from the other ones are around like 30 more USD, but some aren't builder supplied so they wouldn't be legal making my boat...
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    Laser Performance Favoring Europe

    No they are not favoring the U.S. For anything that we need from the European site, we need to pay and extra 270 dollars for shipping and importing.
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    Laser Performance Favoring Europe

    Yes the block and rope quality of a UK boat has been always better than the US. I have never noticed the tiller/trailer/covers/extras are a better selection in the U.S. I don't think a lot of people use the standard gorilla tiller or the XD version becausr of the gorilla tiller's weight, and the...
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    Laser Performance Favoring Europe

    Yes they have the same "older" version of the kit. I just got a brand new laser and it came with the European kit so I have no clue why they don't have it on their website.
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    Laser Performance Favoring Europe

    Hi, I went on Laser Performance's website and went on both of the European and American websites. I looked at their stuff and it looks like they have more stuff available in Europe then in the States. You can buy a centerboard over on the European website, but you can't on the North American...
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    Wanted 2000 Sunfish or newer

    Hi, I would like to get a sunfish that is 2000 or newer. It needs to be in good condition and weigh the normal weight. It needs to be in a reasonable distance from South Jersey. Email me with pictures at with your phone number so I can call you to get further information...