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    Looking to buy a Sunfish mast in Michigan

    If you want to swing by Muskegon, I have an extra mast.
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    Facebook Markertplace

    I see this too. Requires a lot of sorting. When inputting only Sunfish, I get mostly lures, but also a sprinkling of Sunfish boats and related parts. Who knows…maybe you‘ll come across something you can’t pass up.
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    Boat Pics

    Old and older sitting idle in the driveway…when it was a bit warmer.
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    Hull Painting Below waterline

    Pettit Paints has a “Vivid” series of anti-fouling paint, with a variety of colors from which to choose, one being white. It probably won’t be as slippery as the VC-17, but the hull will be protected and will look good out there sitting on the mooring.
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    North Sail wanted

    I think I have a very good Sunrise sail in my loft. I'll check when I get home. John
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    WTB North Sail

    I have several class legal Sunfish sails, all in excellent condition and various colors, including a white race sail. John at $150 each. Thank you.
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    Best Online Site for Sails and Boat Parts

    Hi Greg. I live in Muskegon and have maybe enough gear to outfit a half dozen Sunfish, including rudders, daggerboards, booms, masts, and sails. An accumulation of 50 years. I’m in the paring down phase of my life and would be glad to contribute to the cause. Email is
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    For Sale: Early Ratsey blue/yellow sail

    Very good to excellent condition sail with white rectangular Ratsey logo. Adhesive residue from original number number placards take this sail out of the near mint category. Cloth is firm (not soft) with no UV damage. Colors are bold with no fading. I should have pictures soon. Questions...