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    Value of my 1964 sunfish

    Is there a book or someone who can appraise my boat
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    1964 sunfish all original parts and sail great condition

    I need help I thought my sunfish was from the 1970s but I found picture of myself when I was 7 with" our new sunfish"taken in 1964 . I wondered why none of the other Older sunfish looked as awsome as mine(. Ha) how do I find out what it's worth? I'm new to this site and can't figure out how...
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    Facing reality, must hand over Sunfish and dinghy sailboat

    I have a 1970's sunfish , it has the red and white sail and all its original parts , and real great shape .I am moving to Ocean City, Md in two weeks.Then I will be moving to Florida in 6 months.and must sell my sunfish and a 8' dingy sailboat made in the 1980's . It's made with that real...