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    Laser serial number - can this be true?

    The UK lasers used to have the first number painted on the hull ID plate in red and the other numbers was etched on, from how you have described your ID plate the first painted number has been rubbed off over time, so yes I would put money on your hull number being 139434.
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    Laser newbie - standard or full rig?

    Sorry but I remember the days of the old style kicker & it wasn't fun, yes you could bounce your weight on the boom after rounding the mark but by the time you rounded the top mark there was that much pressure on the rope you could hardly get it to free off again, the outhaul was on or off, the...
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    Hull repair?

    Have a look at this before tackling anything, pictures speak a thousand words.
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    Small leak in hull

    What was the first thing I suggested, Its so hard being this good, Glad you got there in the end.
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    Small leak in hull

    Bailer screw, lower pintle, comon one is the drain bung thats the first one I would look at.
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    Ronstan X10 Tiller Extension

    Depends what make of UJ you have, I know the ronstan & the rwo ones don't have rope in the centre.
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    The 8.1 rig suits our lake well so yes even with the PY its almost a guaranteed win, thats why they don't like me using it, the latest comment was if you swap rigs you stay with the lowest PY all season being the 8.1 then the heavy airs using the radial you would still be handicapped as the 8.1.
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    Ronstan X10 Tiller Extension

    Normally you drill & pin through the extension and through the rubber uj joint then slide some heat shrink over or tape up to stop any chafing.
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    Blatantly Non-Class Legal Laser Modifications

    I still get called a cheat for using a rooster 8.1 rig in light airs.
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    Laser Performance United

    Just looking on the Uk laser association website & there it all is the laser/torch update, the law suit, Bruce Kirby's side of the story, it looks like the name & starburst will end & the boat with its new symbol will continue.
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    Acetone deck?

    +1 For the cif cream cleaner, if you need to go a little heaver go for the vim type powder abrasive kitchen/floor cleaner & a bucket of mildish bleach, I found scrubbing it into the textured surface leave for five minutes scrub again then wash off with clean water. What must be avoided is...
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    Anyone straightened a rudder blade ?

    Ive a crompton rudder blade I use for practice & its bent like a banana, I heated it up with a hot air gun, got it to the pliable state & managed to get it dead straight. I cooled it on a marble worktop until cool on both sides checked again dead straight. The next morning went & checked my...
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    Stacking Trolley

    The older type trolleys are definitely easier to retrieve your boat back onto, these new ones with the side stubby legs just catch the gunnel as your trying to pull the boat back on, the older ones also seemed better balanced when moving with the rig up, & that front horseshoe just seems like an...
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    Stacking Trolley

    Mine is the LP launch trolley & doesn't rest on the support under the front, I think thats just to help guide the boat on & off, the front horseshoe rest under the front gunnel is the actual support. Out of choice I wouldn't buy one again the old bramber type was much better.
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    rooster 8.1 rig

    Great fun in light airs & a handful in a breeze thats my experience with one, the only downfall with this rig is as Paul said you need massive amounts of kicker upwind & a lot downwind & if your a little rotund & struggle under the boom then this rig isn't for you.