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    For Sale: Capri 14.2 parts

    I have a motor bracket for a Capri 14.2 if you are still interested.
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    Want to Buy parts

    I have lots of parts from my Capri that was crushed by a tree. Let me know what you need. Steve (
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    Wanted: Used Sails, Hiking Straps, Misc Parts

    I have all of the above. Give me a yell and we can discuss what you need. STEVE
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    Rudder wanted

    I have a rudder and tiller in great shape, are you still interested. Contact me directly at STEVE
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    For Sale:  Mother Nature Crushed Our Capri!! Lots of great parts for sale

    We lost our Mod 3 Capri to a 70 ft. pine tree. I stripped her before going to the dump so have lost of good, top quality, fittings including a roller furling jib, good sails, and lots of Harken blocks. Beautiful rudder and tiller. Sold the centerboard assembly. Even have an outboard motor...
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    Mast head closure

    I just bought a used Mod 3 Capri 14.2. The former owner had a rubber membrane secured to the top of the mast I assume to keep the water our should she tip. The membrane is long gone. Is this a necessary fixture and, if so, does Catalina make one?
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    Hairline crack in centerboard, time to replace?

    I have a good replacement center board with fittings for $200. Give me a yell if you're interested. My boat was smashed by a 70' pine tree!