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    Laser tactical compass question: 103RE vs CarbonParts

    Silva [Nexus] 103RE tactical compass | No it does not read the same on each tack.
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    Finn Pumping, Handicap Race

    The answer is no and this is sometimes now reinforced in the SIs - eg- 1.3 All boats will be required to sail according to their respective class rules, particularly regarding WEIGHT EQUALISING rules. However, under Rule 87, class rules which permit pumping, rocking and ooching in certain wind...
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    Boom soft strap - my version

    Note the standard strap has the rivet at the top for good engineering reasons. Your holes will weaken the boom but probably ok until corrosion takes hold.
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    2013 North American Masters Championship
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    Change(s) at LaserPerformance USA

    "Formerly known as Vanguard, LaserPerformance makes sailboat types such as the Laser, Optimist, 420 and Sunfish, and is in the process of transitioning the method for making their hulls from an open-mold system to an “infusion,” closed-mold system similar to how the foils are made." Ah, good old...
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    Another twist in the UK tale

    I had my foil bag stolen two weeks ago. Frightening when you add up all the replacement costs [£1100]. Stolen on the Thursday, I had ALL the replacements by the following Tuesday from one of the UK suppliers, foils, tiller+ extn, battens, some blocks, clew strap, spare footstrap. Excellent...
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    XD wind indicator bow fitted

    Hey Jeffers, Lancashire is still using the £, not yet applied to be the fifty-first state. Could be soon though. :) :eek:
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    New-Old Fleet

    That link seems to be broken. Here is an update
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    Silva [Nexus] 103RE tactical compass

    Ah! I thought the idea was that you get the same number on each tack, therefore easier to work things out and to see if you have a shift as you tacked. Seems eminently sensible. But I have reread the advertising blurb, that is not the idea. It merely allows for the offset of the lubber lines [40...
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    Silva [Nexus] 103RE tactical compass

    Hey, am I missing something? The red and green scale is supposed to give the same number on each tack. eg Green 0 on stbd, Red 0 on port. But look at the pic, that is what it is reading on the two lubber lines now WITHOUT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE BOAT MOVING THROUGH 80-90 DEGREES between tacks...
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    My Centerboard Wobbles...

    "I wasn't sure which way" Now for Laser sailing you really do not need to know this but if you are interested in the science of sailing here is a laymans guide to 'gybing boards'. All laser centreboards are a lose fit, live with...
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    Newbie Laser Sailer, mast step question...

    It would be a whole lot easier to build a straight cylinder for the mast step. No way is it a lucky accident. We are talking about a very successful sailboat designer. As I said- a most ingenious bit of design.
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    Newbie Laser Sailer, mast step question...

    Design or lucky accident ? Oh you cynic Martyn!
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    Newbie Laser Sailer, mast step question...

    Hi. For secondhand spares try ebay, or Maldon Sailboats New- Rooster [including replica stuff ie cheaper but not class legal] and other mail order chandlers - Northampton Sailboats? or Maldon again. By the way the mast step is the most ingenious bit of design on a laser. It...
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    Another twist in the UK tale

    "Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does having the Olympic insignia make a sail not class legal?" It may within the Rules of Sailing but surely its contrary to the Olympic Constitution/Byelaws/Rules/Copyright whatever. And no doubt ISAF would uphold such rules. Think of all the shops...