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    Race Ready #2767 for sale in Montreal/Ottawa Canada

    Hi Jesse, I just emailed you at your old Rushmore email.
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    PARTING OUT J24 with Updated Trailer, 4Hp Suzuki outboard, Lopez blocks and numerous sails

    I'm looking for a sink and the three cabinet doors.
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    Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tiller & Fatso Jr Extension

    would you sell the tiller by itself?
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    Parting out my J/24

    I'm looking for a bow light.
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    1977 J24 parts available

    Do you have a bow light?
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    Full Set of North Sails San Diego. Black Kite. Blade hardly used. Harken Lopez Blocks.

    seriously interested in black kite/ jeanlevac at rogers dot com i'm in ottawa
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    2016 North Main and Genoa almost new!

    still have the main for sale?
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    Hey, i have some really good condition sails for sale. 2016 north genoa used 4 days, 2016 north...

    Hey, i have some really good condition sails for sale. 2016 north genoa used 4 days, 2016 north main newport used 6 days and a 2015 spinnaker used for a few regattas. Let me know if you are interested. I'm in Ottawa. So no taxes or import fees.
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    8 Sails, Faired Rudder, Rigging and More

    still have the jib?
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    Looking for Lightly Used J24 Sails 2012 or Later

    I have a newport main. Good shape. message me.
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    J24 boom for sale

    Yes still for sale. make me an offer. It's in great shape. When i get home, i'll send pics. Make me an offer. Where are you located?
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    WTB: North genoa

    North Sails 3DL genoa for sale in Canada 2014 3dl has seven days of racing on it (3 regattas), mostly in light air. Looks in beautiful shape and it is. Asking 1500 USD OBO message me here or email me at
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    got it! thanks
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Thanks Bob for your quick reply. Can you tell me why the class would be worried about "charting capabilities"? Or how someone would use charting? thanks Jean