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    My next sailing adventure

    Yes for sure we want you to be safe but also we want to remind you of how fun it is. Enjoy and yes, we would love to be there with you.
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    Woman sailor dies in Gorch Fock training accident

    These accidents really touch home to me. The sailing world is for having fun and enjoying life and when accidents happen it seems to take a little bit of that enjoyment away.
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    Novelist Needs Help

    I just want to congratulate you on your writings. It is great when you can read a good book in relation to something we enjoy and relate to.
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    New to Sailing

    I hope you can come around a deal soon. Keep your eyes open on craigslist free section and maybe you will be lucky. I know here in Utah under the classifieds there have been people giving some for free.
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    Flying Fish Photos

    That is so awesome. I am glad you came across it. I think you can have a great time on that thing. Good eye catcher.
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    Sailing is more nature involved. No motor noise. It creates a sense of adventure depending on the weather.
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    Sail to School?

    That is so awesome. Definitely a character full of adventure in the veins. I do wish you for sure the best on that MCAT. Good luck.