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    Wintering my Capri 14.2

    Thanks for everyone's help. Last weekend I brushed most of the snow off and pushed the trailered boat into a spot in the trees that I had cleared. Next I took a long pole (read a 20' maple) and used the mast support on the trailer on the front end and lashed it to a tree in the back. A 10 x...
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    Wintering my Capri 14.2

    Good afternoon, how do you folks store your boats for the winter? Right now I've removed everything except the fore hiking strap and the hatch cover including the drain plug. There are 8 inches of snow on the deck and I have no indoor space.
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    Oops - over she goes....

    I've tried boarding from the water and can't seem to do it from the side. Rope ladder on the transom seems like a great idea, but doesn't the rear traveller lines/sheets get in the way? I moor my boat with a topping lift for the boom and keep the main sheet tight.
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    trolling motor

    JGM- What about that "requires a special gel cell charger to charge battery" statement?
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    trolling motor

    ---------------------------------- Altoona - Curious how that battery works out. I too am looking for a small battery but was told the starter batteries like the one you have aren’t built for charge/discharge operation and that I would need to use a deep cycle which a small one is hard to...
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    Keeping Your Cuddy Dry

    OK all you tinkers.... I've cleaned up my new to me mod I and it's nice and spiffy. The weather has been hot up here and I've noticed that each time I open the cuddy hatch the air is very damp and heavy. I moor my boat, so it would be cool if I could store my sails beneath deck when not in...
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    Hiking straps for 1991

    Just installed a new rear hiking strap over the weekend. Barney post top came apart relatively easily. Without seeing the prior post here, I too used a soldering iron to make the holes after a drill did a pretty poor job. One observation is that the four holding screws should be a quarter...
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    Mast Foot/Tabernacle Options

    Hi all. I'm the guy who bought Schnool's boat and I'm currently getting to know it inside and out before hitting the lake up here in the Adirondacks. For a little background, my previous boat was a 17' daysailer of the O'day I type that was manufactured by Spindrift for the 1985 year it...