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    Laser Logo question

    If you put the logo on a trophy and you are selling the trophies as a 'Laser trophy' then they would have a problem with it as it is not a licensed product and you were not sanctioned to do so. If you are holding and event for Lasers and the trophies have the logo on it because of the class it...
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    Hiking Pants Sizing - Comparison to Wetsuits

    I am 5 10 180lb 33 in waist and I use the large size of the SEA airprene 3/4 They seem to grow in size when wet. I find however that the battens on the theighs are a bit low and the material behind the knee does bunch up. The knees should have been cut with a pre-bend. Not sure if I would...
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    Laser 2 vs Laser 1 - which is faster?

    downwind definately the L>> is faster due to spinaker, as with on a reach with the chute and someone on the wire. Upwind it is about a tie, thus on a typical triangle with a sausage the L>> would finish ahead with equal qualified crews. I had both types.
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    Laser Quality

    I have a Laser that is of 1988 vintage and still looks and performs almost like new and owned it since 1993. I am perhaps very cautious of my Laser and treat it with care and luckily have gone unscathed all these years. Yes it leaks (tried many times to find the culprit without success), the...
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    Laser Quality

    Spelled backwards Driver Returned On Foot Or how about this Failure Italian Automotive Technology or just simply Fix It Again Tony
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    Laser Quality

    All I can say is that I am glad that they don't manufacture cars. What we would have is a vehicle that has over priced parts, no aftermarket parts only OEM available at the dealership, constantly breaking apart, inconsistant build quality and rusting out. And oh yes the car would cost more...
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    Don't press the red button!

    The button must be filled with gold else do can they justify the over inflated and rip-off price of a Laser sail?
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    "One design sail" - poor quality control for Hyde

    Re: sail4SC The sail measures longer than any other sail, whether that be new, old, 3rd party sail. It is not the top section or I would have this problem with my other 2 sails. I measured the sail against a current spec North and it is longer, plain and simple
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    "One design sail" - poor quality control for Hyde

    My Hyde is the wrong size as it is bigger than my: Intensity sail, my 17yr old Laser sail and a brand new North sail at my club. To recap if I put the Hyde on my mast the foot of the sail touches the gooseneck, the cunningham then can only be pulled so far as the rest of the sail has no where...
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    "One design sail" - poor quality control for Hyde

    When measured against a brand new North sail, the Hyde is STILL longer by the same dimensions. By the way my old sail is of 3.8oz stock made in 1988 (it has been a very durable sail)
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    "One design sail" - poor quality control for Hyde

    I bought a Hyde sail last year and only used it for one regatta as I was constantly overpowered and the sail did not perform well compared to my 17year old well worn (out) sail I decided to take the sail out once again and it still did not perform well, constantly over powered, could not hold...
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    Few questions - Gill sailing chronograph

    Suunto are nice but $$$. Go for the Ronstan, huge numbers and it is loud compared to other watches. Thought that it was a bit bulky at first but now don't even notice it on as it never gets in the way Tip: wrap a couple of layers of black electrical tape around the black split holder, it will...
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    If you are going to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club from Seattle you better leave early as you have a long drive to Toronto. Perhaps you mean Royal Vancouver Yacht Club?
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    Dolly Brands

    I made my own by buying the plastic parts from Seitech, and bought the aluminum (with radius corners) from Metal Supermarkets. To save extra costs you can delete all the parts except for the front where the bow clips on. Make all the joints from sheet aluminum. I improved on the Seitech in...
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    Hiking pants which ones?

    I have the SEA airprene 3/4. They've been ok, there is a couple of places I think that they could be improved on: Knee pad gripping material wears out way too fast and you are then stuck with slippery black knee pads I wish there was more pre-cut shapping behind the knees, since your knees...