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    Rudder Conversion Parts Needed

    I need everything -- wood rudder only. I'm in Michigan. Hoping to beat retail prices.
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    Which is which?

    Those are your boards. I was looking at old threads trying to find an answer to my question, and your picture of your boards turned up in the thread that concerned primarily the other boards and not the rounded one. But it was easier to use your picture than to photograph my as yet not quite...
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    Which is which?

    I am in the process of refinishing my daggerboard and I want to attach a bungee chord on the front edge of the board. Except I don't know which is the front edge and which is the trailing edge. Can you help? My board is the bottom (rounded) board.
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    Refinishing Super Sunfish

    If you find out that it's real slippery, please let me know. I'm in Michigan and I won't be working on the clean-up until It gets warmer.
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    Refinishing Super Sunfish

    I'm fine using soft scrub and a green scrubby, but I really wanted to shine my old boat up so I bought some 3M Marine Restorer and Wax. Has anyone used it? Will it make my deck so slippery that I'll have trouble staying on?
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    Purposely sailing a sunfish in a thunderstorm...

    So, did he do it? Did he go out in the thunderstorm? Anybody got the YouTube video?
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    Sunfish Halyard rigging to raise/lower sail on the water

    Hey Melnic, I'm thinking about using a paddle too. The thing is, what do you do that when you're actually sailing? I was thinking about installing a couple of clips on the deck so that I could just clip it to the deck when I was t paddling . What do you do? Where might I get clips. Got any...
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    Received Intensity order

    Hey Mixmkr, The goose neck quick release I bought from intensity also had way too long a bolt. You said you modified it, what did you do? If you cut it, what kind of tool did you use to cut it? Thanks.