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    Yacht Stability

    Seems you are approaching two separate issues here. Stability of vessels is a very thoroughly studied subject, and - to oversimplify - is a product of hull shape and load distribution. Marine architects know how to design a boat for stability, at the expense of forward efficiency - and...
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    Broken mast - what now?

    Ron - I think I may have a line on someone who can repair the mast. He's out of town until next Monday, so it will be after that before I can talk to him in detail. I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't look good.
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    Broken mast - what now?

    Had a little dumb accident I don't want to go into details about - but the result is the mast on my C-Lark 14 is broken about 2' from the top. It's a clean break, and hanging on by one side. Can this be welded - or am I looking at a new mast? If a new mast is required, what are my options - or...
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    C-Lark 14 help?

    Hi. I just acquired a C-Lark 14. It looks complete and the hull and sails are in good shape. Needs a little work on the wood parts, and some minor odds&ends. Does anybody know of a source for info about rigging this sailboat? I have only sailed a Snark and a Sunfish up 'til now, so my...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Just take her sailing ASAP. Worked for me. :)
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    Modify dagger board, or sell it?

    Thank you! That is the information I needed. I will sand and refinish the round-bottom board over this winter and hang on to the other one as a spare or stock for a rudder. Thanks again, guys!
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    Modify dagger board, or sell it?

    Good idea. I was going through all my mahogany stock on hand, and found none thick enough for a spare rudder. So, can the original-profile DB be improved any - or should I just use it as-is?
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    Modify dagger board, or sell it?

    Hi folks. I have two dagger boards. One is the original board that came with my '75 Sunfish that I bought earlier this year. It seems to have a little "modification" at the tip of the leading edge, where it must have been damaged at some point. About three inches of the blade have been...
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    water temp

    You might want to read this thread...
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    Clothing for colder weather

    Does sound like you have a handle on it. If you go with a splash top, make sure you get one with a good system to seal the bottom around your wetsuit so it won't ride up when you fall in.
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    Clothing for colder weather

    In the low 60's isn't too bad if you aren't paddling hard. ;) Breath-ability is a must though. When I am wearing mine in warmer weather, I have just a thin synthetic layer underneath for wicking - and I work up from there as the temps drop. No cotton...none. Anything above low 60's and...
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    Clothing for colder weather

    Those spring temps should concern you. I have done some experimenting - enough to know that 40-50° water can render my feet and ankles uncontrollable in a very short time (a few minutes). I never bothered to see how the rest of my body would do. But these guys did...
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    Clothing for colder weather

    Good on you for thinking about dressing for immersion. As I mentioned in the other thread about launching in cold weather, my experience as a year-round paddler proves out the wisdom of being prepared for the unplanned swim - according to the weather and the water temps. My opinion on the...
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    Launching advice

    Coming at this from the angle of a river-runner (canoe)...I'm a little surprised that no one has keyed in on the fact that the OP is talking about launching in cold water and/or weather. In paddling circles, we talk a lot about dressing for immersion. If it's too cold to get wet when you...
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    Cockpit Re-entry after capsize

    I first took sailing lessons at age 15. Wasn't long before I "learned" to do this quite by accident. Found it to be quite repeatable. Didn't sail again until recently and I haven't tried it yet with my own Sunfish... The "stirrup" has been used by sea kayakers with good success, from what...