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    looking for jib

    HI -my jib is shot. Stayed out in the sun too long. Does anyone know a roller furling jib for sale? Also, how would one convert to a jib without roller furler? As the sun caused my jib to deteriorate I am thinking it would last longer if it came down between sails
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    mast step needed

    Hi I am looking for a mast step that will fit a mod 2. Dimensions are: mast step base is 3 ¾ x 2 ½ Hgt is 3 inches. thank you Stanlee
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    cuddy cover, hiking stick, sail repari

    Hi Looking for cuddy cover with snaps, also hiking stick. Also would appreciate any advice on sail repair - the catch holding one of the battens is coming apart - what thread is reccomended? Thanks Stanlee
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    looking for trailer for 14.2

    Looking to purchase trailer in good shape for capri 14.2. Can pick up in Northeast