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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    When I bought my Sunfish I put it hull down, stern first into my 5.5ft pickup bed. The bow was hanging out but I put a red flag on the bow handle and tied down the whole thing very well. I also put cushions under and around so avoid any chafe damage. No problems at all with my freeway...
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    Wanted: Sunfish Dolly

    I was able to find a used Seitech dolly. Thanks.
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    Wanted: Sunfish Dolly

    Thanks for the reply and info. I'm really hoping to find an aluminum one with a sling. I have come across a Trailex brand aluminum dolly for a sunfish. It doesn't have a sling but rollers instead. Anyone have experience with those?
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    Wanted: Sunfish Dolly

    I would like to find a dolly for my Sunfish. Doesn't have to be in perfect shape. I can buy a new one for $400. Looking for something for quite a bit less. Galveston, Tx. area.
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    Sunfish Sailboat

    Still have? Please let me know age and equipment it comes with. Photos?
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    2007 Laser - Full rig - Seitech dolly

    ***** Sold *****
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    2007 Laser - Full rig - Seitech dolly

    2007 Laser Sailboat by Vanguard The boat is in nice condition. There are a few spider crack areas and some minor gelcoat touch ups which could be done but she really is quite nice. White with a light blue hull stripe. She is set up for a full rig with both the upper and lower mast...
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    New/used sails, new blades, laser parts for sale

    Ok, how much for the used full sail? Legal or practice?