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  • (Part 3)

    So to formally answer your question I would leave the gelcoat and original color there. So thats my opinion on what to do....

    Message me if you have any other questions or need any more help!

    Part 2 (This is a pain!)

    Now, this way the cracks will return, it looks good for a few years but they will return. So when they do return I will just wetsand the clearcoat and re-clear the boat. If you want a permamant solution you will need to get into fiberglass work (Based on what my instructor says).

    (I don't know why but it won't let me post on the forum, only your profile so here is what I was originally gonna say)

    I am currently working on refinsihing my sunfish and I came across the same problem.

    So what I did was I sanded the cracks down smooth. I left the old gelcoat on and sanded the whole deck down with 180 grit on a DA. Than primed over that. And will later apply color and clear it.
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