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    Is your Laser still available?

    Is your Laser still available?
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    Lasers for Sale -- Grand Rapids, MI

    Are these still for sale?
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    1976 Sunfish race ready F/S Buyer backed out

    I tried to send a PM. Did you receive it?
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    1976 Sunfish race ready F/S Buyer backed out

    Still for sale?
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    1973 Sunfish

    Still for sale?
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    2012 SUNFISH with dolly

    Still for sale? Where in Michigan?
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    Sunfish US Masters were this weekend

    Are there full results for this regatta?
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    Standing Up While Sailing

    I was racing in light air this weekend. In the middle of the second race, I stood up in the cockpit to see the wind better and to ease the cramps in my legs. The person sailing nearest to me said that it is illegal to sail while standing because of kinetics, and that people have been thrown...
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    Rudder Gudgeon Breaks in Race

    I called them. That's how I found out about the new, one-year warranty. They said they would get back to me on how to fix it. An inspection port and through bolts is one obvious way, but I would like to try a less invasive way first. I was thinking of drilling out the gudgeon holes for...
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    Rudder Gudgeon Breaks in Race

    The two year warranties stopped in 2008. Now it's only one year, and I can see why.
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    Rudder Gudgeon Breaks in Race

    50 feet from the finish of a race, three of the four gudgeon screws fell out of my 2010 Sunfish. I was unable to sail on port and unable to finish the race. Has anyone else had this happen? What is the best way to fix it? This boat has been such a lemon.
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    Turn your Sunfish into a rowing dinghy

    Sounds cool. Does it have a sliding seat? Please show pictures.
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    62 year old wanting to race

    Race in the strongest group, or the one with the most Masters, and see if you can create something out of that. The Sunfish is more manageable for a Master.
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    Mast Rake

    I have two Sunfish and the Mast Rake is not the same on each. This is due to different mast-step angle placement during manufacturing. Measuring from the top of the mast to the transom, there is a two inch difference between the two boats. Does anyone know how this affects performance?
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    Sunfish Worlds program does not seem fair

    Worlds are to determine a World Champion, not a best average-Joe. Another system that works and is fun is used in the Lightning Class for NA's. Everyone is invited, and qualifying races are held on site. The Blue (Championship) fleet is limited to a specific number, but the boats that don't...