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    Hull wanted

    Looking for a decent hull in B.C., Alberta, Washington, Idaho or Montana.
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    Goonie - Shut the f**k up and sit the f**k down. NO one here needs your trolling. And you call yourself a moderator. This place is getting to be a waste of bandwidth.
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    gear question

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    gear question

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    gear question

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    Removing old numbers

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    Cracked hull

    Shevy, I am not a member. I am just some guy that likes to sail my boat (or my dad's). I am going to get him to bring his boat up to my house in the next couple weeks. I'll drop you a note when I am about to get into it. Thanks
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    Cracked hull

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    The Future of the Forum....A must read

    When you get middle aged like me all kids must be punks :wink: (I'm a punka$$edmidleageguy to old people). This summer and fall have been the windiest I can recall and my sail has been lost in the damn mail for 5 weeks. :cry:
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    The Future of the Forum....A must read

    Woa dude, Pretty smart for some punka$$edkid. :wink:
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    The Future of the Forum....A must read

    I just read shevy's rant over in the mailing list. That guy needs to get broadband. He also needs to relax a little.
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    Why do you sail?

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    Laser top speed??

    I'm 200lbs and I could not keep it flat on a broad reach. I don't know how hard it was blowing that day but I know it was not as hard as it was 2 nights previous when it was measured at 186kph just outside of town. I live in the damn mountains. It is not supposed to get that windy in the...