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    Capsize Help

    I have been sailing my laser for about a year, and am the proud holder of my club's award for the most capsizes in an hour of racing (38). I used to be totally exhausted after four or five, until I learned the proper technique. I used to hang on to the very tip of the centreboard and try to...
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    You know you're a Laser sailer when...

    You know you're a Laser sailor when you discover a strange urge to throw yourself to the other side on the car when turning a corner! Anybody else got any strange symptoms?
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    Recovering from Death roll

    Asa newby, I haven't yet experienced a death roll (just give it time...) and I'm not exactly sure what one is. I gather from the posts that it is a downwind phenomenon, but I would be grateful if someone could tell me what happens. Is it a sudden thing, or does it gradually get worse to the...
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    breaking laser mast

    Anybody had this happen to them? Happened to me the other day, I was close hauled in very mild wind, I tacked , heard a crack and down she came. The lower mast broke about ten inches below the end where it joins the upper mast. It has made me wary of two-blocking whilst beating as...
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    Main Sail Cleat

    As a newby, I often find I have inadvertently cleated the mainsheet around my foot - leading to frantic foot-waggling often just before a capsize! Maybe a useful technique?